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Making your own Cheddar Puto at home has never been simpler. This formula will tell you the best way to make it without any preparation in under 40 minutes. This causes a decent tidbit and it to can even be had for breakfast with a hot cup of blended espresso. Yummy!

this cheddar puto utilizing universally handy flour. Additionally observe that this formula doesn't recommend the utilization of eggs. It just depends on preparing powder to allow the blend to rise and be a wonderful treat simply like what you find in the pictures in this post..

Talking about preparing powder, if you don't mind make a point to utilize crisp heating powder for ideal impact. Marked heating powders that are fixed and sold in the market are perfect.

I see a bamboo liner as effective. All I expected to do was to orchestrate the molds with cheddar puto blend in it, spread it, and begin to steam – no requirement for any cheesecloth.

Appreciate this yummy cheddar puto. This formula can make up to 7 medium puto. You can twofold or significantly increase the formula relying upon the quantity of pieces that you plan to deliver.

Attempt this yummy Puto Cheddar formula.


1 cup generally useful flour

1/2 cup granulated white sugar

3 teaspoons preparing powder

1 cup new milk

1/4 teaspoon vanilla concentrate

3/4 cup destroyed sharp cheddar

5 cups water for steaming


Empty the water into a liner or cooking pot. Let bubble.

Filter flour, sugar, and preparing powder. Join in a bowl. Blend well.

Continuously include the milk while blending. Keep on blending until the surface of the blend gets smooth.

Mix in the vanilla concentrate and half of the cheddar.

Empty the blend into little to medium estimated molds. Mastermind in a liner. Spread and steam for 25 minutes. Top each puto with the rest of the cheddar. Steam for 5 minutes more.

Remove the steamed cheddar puto from the liner. Let it chill off.

Delicately expel the puto from the shape with the assistance of a spatula.

Organize in serving plate. Serve.

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yummyy yummm

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