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What's the noise all about? Why do you want to always feel useful by letting the noise is? You want to always keep yourself busy. Taking your silence away from you with your own hands. You trying to run away from yourself. You're trying to run away from that still small voice In your head that's always keeping you in check. Some say that voice is the voice of God. Some say it's the voice of your conscience. Others say its your subconscious speaking to you and telling you about the demise that awaits you.

No!! That's often your answer. You want to run wild and free. You want to explore the world and "catch cruise". No harm in going out of your horizon and exploring. But what's your reason for doing such?

Most people do that to silence that still small voice in them. You want to claim the position of an alpha male or female. Take a chill pill sis or bro. Nobody's taking your throne from you.

You're still the king

You're still the Queen

You're still in charge.

But you can't rule that kingdom alone. I'm not telling you it's a must to get help from outside. But what's that still small voice yearning for attention in you?

It's there to help you and guide you. Wherever you think the voice is from, deep down you know the voice has been right sometimes. Even when we see the consequences of our actions which strayed away from the warnings we received, we still don't wanna attribute it to ourselves being foolish. We try to blame someone else, when we know we neglected that voice.

Be still. Pause. Ponder on your actions.

This is different from being still to get rest. This is a state of stillness that has to do with hearing yourself speak. Do you know how your inner being sounds like?

Slow down the speed sometimes and have a rethink. Its not loneliness. Its stillness. Its not living in isolation. Its living in self realisation.

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