Writer's Ramblings: Report on my writing goals - Week 40

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Assessment of writing goals

Yes, many of my fellow writers share the outcome of their work at the end of the month to encourage the rest to not falter in the objective of becoming better writers. 

It's a very healthy practice since it allows you to appreciate how much you perform and if you meet your imposed or self-imposed goals.

Seven days ago, I shared my writing goals for the last week (number 40 of 2022). I feel a commitment to report the results to my readers. Although they may not be many, they are very precious to me. And perhaps, too, my modest accomplishments can inspire others to enjoy their own writing.


I told them about writing objectives and goals under the SMART criteria. Remember, if you can't measure them, then how will you know you're doing well? This brings us to the thorny issue of quality in creativity.

So, there will be defensible divergences on both sides. Between those who are unconventional and those for whom the rigor of the forms is immovable.

In any case, sticking to the rules of writing and grammar helps us to be legible without harming the writing style. So don't pretend to be an iconoclast yet. First, crawl, walk, stumble, run, and in the end, try to fly.

As always, I get lost in my thoughts, leaving the core of the writing piece to the end. Excuse me; I think that's part of my current style. 

Tracking writing goals

Here's how I drafted and programmed it as a checklist. The ones marked with an X are the ones I was able to accomplish:  

  • [x] Write on read.cash about BCH at least 600 words in length on Monday.

  • [x] Write a short story in Spanish on HIVE Literatos at least 400 words on Monday.

  • [x] Write on read.cash about crypto projects on the Blockchain with a minimum length of 600 words on Tuesday.

  • [x] Write an essay in Spanish on Cervantes of HIVE with a minimum length of 700 words on Tuesday.

  • [ ] Write on read.cash about blogging and its platforms with a minimum length of 600 words on Wednesday.

  • [x] Write a bilingual short story in HIVE's Writing Club with a minimum length of 450 words on Wednesday.

  • - [ ] Write on read.cash on a current events topic with a minimum length of 600 words on Thursday. 

  • [ ] Write a short story in English in HIVE's The Ink Well with a minimum length of 750 words on Thursday.

  • [x] Write a short story in Spanish in HIVE's Literatos with a minimum length of 400 words on Friday.

  • [x] Post at least once on Noise.App per day with a maximum length of 200 words and based on daily activities for a total of 5 posts minimum.

  • [x] Post at least once on noise.cash per day with a maximum length of 200 words and based on daily activities for a minimum of 5 posts.

As you will see: there were few boxes to check.

Of the 29 scheduled posts, I managed 26 with at least 5150 words out of 7100 (initially, it was 5900, but I decided to post consistently on Noise.App).

For those who like math, I achieved 89.66 % of the posts with 72.54 % of the word goal. Well, I was able to write some more, but I haven't automated the counting process yet. 

A line covers about 8 words and a page 200, so I wrote almost 26 pages.  

In other words, if I met the goal 100%, I could technically write a short novel.  

Of course, as long as that was the goal. Which would make for an excellent challenge if you were so inclined.

How easy it is to dream!

Now the short posts for the social networks consumed about 15 minutes each. As I selected the quotes and let my thoughts flow on these. Take a count: 5 hours.

And for each article or fiction piece, about 2 hours. You know, as long as you have a clear idea of what you want to write about, and while checking writing and spelling in a language that is not your native tongue.   

I estimate that I spend five hours daily on creative writing segmented into various areas of interest. 

Now, beyond being satisfied and proud. It is wise to ask yourself, what happened to the gap?

Mathematics can also be tricky. Well, one is the one who is self-deceived by using simple statistics.

Why did I fall almost 30% short of the word goal? 

I think this gives too much food for thought to write an article on its own. 


 Source: Image by OpenClipart-Vectors on Pixabay 

Final thoughts 

I believe in goals that meet stimulating and rewarding challenges. Of course, such challenges must be achievable in reality. 

As well as a clear definition of the goal you want to achieve.

For example, if you want to be a novelist. You should focus on that. The fact that you write enough words for a short novel does not imply that you will become a novelist. Maybe an article writer or a short story writer.  

Staying focused is a condition for success. Make writing, no matter what genre you choose, a routine, a habit that you enjoy.

If it feels like a burden. Writing is probably not for you. Your calling lies elsewhere, so find it now.

Not everyone can be a writer. Although we all write, not everyone lives for it and is in it. 

At least, if I recommend you get into the habit of good reading, the device-less Metaverse is nestled in your imagination. 

For you, my dear fellow writer, I hope that what has been shown about how I am currently programming my writing goals silhouettes you in something. Likewise, it would be exciting to read about your experiences in this regard.

P.S. It will take you less than five minutes to read this 1023-word article, where I invested and enjoyed almost three hours in front of the computer. I only hope it will be helpful and to your liking. 

An original article by @Jnavedan

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I end by thanking all my colleagues in the community, who add value every day here. As well as all my sponsors for believing in the content I share with you.  

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I like how you divide and set specific goals to make it happen. You are so productive!

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Thanks, my friend. I'm still rehearsing now I need more people to read me. Well, that's not my main goal. It's enough for me that people like you, intelligent people, find it useful.

Thanks for stopping by.

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