Why would anyone want to have children these days?

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2 years ago

Children are a blessing from God. I have no doubt. Although these days men and women think that they can decide to have them or not to have them.

Some governments even try to impose policies for such purposes, and the pharmaceutical industry developed contraceptive methods to refine the malign practice of abortion.

The feminist slogans that the woman is the owner of her body, and therefore has the right to decide whether a child is born or not, is an aberration, a murder that is intended to legalize, although I think science has already done so.

This is a controversial but inescapable issue in these times. Sure, ethical relativism may give you dubious tools for self-deception. It's easier to indulge in lust without worrying about the consequences.

That is where the problem is. The culture of pleasure was established in the minds of people from all walks of life.

The wealthy, and professionals (now less influential) tend to put off having children to pursue the achievement of their goals and aspirations for recognition. But have they put off lust?

The less fortunate and irresponsible succumb to instinct and have children they can hardly support. The saying that where they eat two can eat three is used as an excuse, while they threaten their stocks.

Sometimes sad news of mothers selling their children on the black market transcends, I wonder, what will be the fate of these innocent creatures? Or other news as grim as the infanticides perpetrated by the parents themselves.

The truth in all the cases mentioned is cruelty against the defenseless.

Someone may yell in his defense, aborting a fetus is not murder! Early termination of a pregnancy by a contraceptive drug is not murder! Be careful what you say, the murder charge is very strong and delicate.

Well, in this upside-down world, you are in danger of doing the right thing, while others turn a blind eye under the cover of legality and political correctness. And I ask you, wasn't someone a fetus at some point in their existence? Or perhaps, were you conceived without the union between egg and sperm?

If you answer negative, you are surely an artificial intelligence. Otherwise, you are very lucky that you were not killed when you were innocent and defenseless.

Don't you want to have children?

You have several options, the most extreme, sterilize yourself and give total freedom to the maximum sexual hedonism; mate with whoever you want and where you want. Enjoy your vitality while you can.

I hear you, don't be an extremist.

Or you can choose to abstain from sexual intercourse while they are in the fertile period, although there will always be the possibility of an accident. Well, that's what they call unwanted children who survive abortion laws.

I hear them say out loud, "Don't be retrograde and old-fashioned, don't you see we're at the beginning of the third decade of the 21st century"

Have you ever wondered, how many thousands of potential lives were blinded in 2020? The year of Covid19.

The website https://www.worldometers.info/ recorded 42,655,372, that is, a number of deaths similar to that caused by the Second World War, the most devastating war event in human history.

At the time I write this year's figure is over 18.4 million abortions.

Worldometer Jun 7 2021

Any statistician would limit, "this figure is not significant compared to the world population." Sure, your child is not included, or is it? You should think about how lucky you are.

Now imagine the hundreds of millions of interrupted pregnancies that did not lead to abortion. I have no idea, but I could multiply it by 12, depending on the fertility cycle. If we multiply it by this number, it would be something like 500 million a year. Our hands are literally stained with innocent blood.

How many deaths from Covid19 did the world suffer in 2020?

I am not encouraging anyone to have children. I'm just saying be responsible and avoid committing murder. Life is precious and no one has the right to abrogate it. It is nonsense in terms of nature itself. Life makes its way, then, because some insist on truncating it.

It is undeniable, there is a demographic problem. Now, the cause of the imbalance is not so clear, is it? I suppose that the solution is simpler than it seems, to give up the lowest instincts, although I believe that it is also the biggest obstacle.

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2 years ago


People tend to forget that bringing children into the world is a responsibility, and one which starts even before conception. Because we're steeped in worldly pleasures, consequences of our actions don't seem to matter as greatly as it should. Engaging in sex means the very real possibility of pregnancy. Are they ready for that? Just because it's being done by many doesn't make it right - the taking of a life, or disregarding it as the human grows.

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2 years ago

To me the sperm is not a human being, so using contraceptives is not a crime, and once the egg is fertilized I could argue that after a certain number of divisions it is still not a human either. I believe it is after 3 days or so that you have a human, and at that point is murderer in mi opinion.

Women have the control in the case of abortion, we decided to give them the right to vote, now they will have the power to decide who dies too.

Unfortunately as in the Bibble Satan gave the forbidden fruit to the woman firsts the same it will be with the evil people of today, politicians will buy up woman first because the love of men for women is too great.

Until one day we will be telling stories from mouth to mouth because we lost our civilization, just like the natives did back in Australia.

I will tell you this human civilization is heading to an event where we will destroy ourselves, and I believe population is a factor, so it is better for as to use contraceptives to fight poverty and over population.

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2 years ago

Interesting and respectable way of thinking. In addition to a pessimistic position of human nature.

The human being, although imperfect, has the potential to do good. Yes, I agree with you, there is also a lot of darkness and a predisposition to do evil.

Of course, the biggest problem man faces is finding his purpose outside of God. Well, as long as you believe in a creator God. Although if you are atheists, such a belief does not affect his designs.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving valuable comments my friend.

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2 years ago

life starts at conception indeed... its just a matter of time...

this is a very delicate topic indeed..

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2 years ago