What are the barriers to be broken down for mass adoption?

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2 years ago

There are readings here that make you ponder one's participation in crypto social media.

So I put my mind for a couple of hours at rest to clear it.

Based on the read.cash statistics, today are over 90 thousand active users on the platform, and approximately around 400 articles are posted daily with a tip pool of almost $1,000. That is an average share of $2.5 per author.

(At the time of writing, the statistical graph of bot tips was removed from the corresponding area).

So, I make it difficult for most to make a good monetary profit in this regard, but enjoyment for spreading the passion of writing and reading.

On the other hand, if the purpose is to promote bitcoin cash and educate people about it, the achievements are modest compared to the universe of people participating in their Big Tech counterparts.

One of those disturbing articles (but with sensible fundamentals) commented on the latest video of the maximum sponsor of the platform and where he, in the live stream, snuck two questions to the host, and that made clear (between the lines) the disappointment about the achievements.

I understand the benefactor's sentiment since when I try to promote bitcoin cash among my acquaintances, I meet a lot of resistance despite the intrinsic benefits.

I wonder!

What are the barriers to be broken down for mass adoption of the Bitcoin Cash?

Perhaps, it is the sabotage of the BTC maximalists or the resistance of the current system. Although flawed, it is still lodged in people's minds.

I am reminded of a Spanish saying that says  "a known evil is better than an unknown good"

Also, one can try to introduce BCH to your acquaintances to get them excited, but unfortunately, there is still no organic circulation.

Therefore, as there is not enough flow of BCH, both stores and people who timidly trade with it end up using Exchanges like Binance to buy goods and services they need.

However, in this sense, at least the platform has been fulfilling its purpose by attracting authors with the potential to be multipliers of Bitcoin Cash's purpose, not only in virtual spaces.

So, it would be interesting to launch an event within the community based on people's experiences to identify the barriers (reals) to mass adoption.

The other disturbing article I read today makes a cursory analysis based on SEO statistics on some cryptocurrency social networks and where it issues biases on the quality of content connecting with people in poor countries.

I'm not going to waste your time arguing about how useless it is to debate the quality of content and the overrated tool of measuring everything.

There are things in the world that are impossible to measure quantitatively. Nor to accurately predict their consequences by their intrinsic complexity.

For example,

Tell me how to measure the impact of an article in the mind of a young person?

Perhaps, that knowledge will shape the background of someone important in the future.

On Readcash, I have seen more than one valuable article receiving little thought-provoking tips.

Of course, I won't say that all the articles are excellent. - No!

Obviously, there were also misguided authors with articles denoting dubious ethics. And many of them were detected and banned.

In that sense, I think the platform is very successful, and calling it mediocre is an insult to the origin of the authors who write quality articles every day. To put them all in the same bag is an injustice.

The authors who dissert on Bitcoin Cash are convinced enthusiasts and the best ambassadors that the community has today.

So, It would be a shame if they lose the stimulus.

We all want to break down the barriers that impede the advancement of Bitcoin Cash. We just need to find the correct methods for committed authors to spread the word in every possible way.

Poverty is not associated with where one lives but with the quality of the soul that animates one.

It is not the so-called rich who revolutionize the world.

I believe that Bitcoin Cash finds in read.cash the perfect tool for the poor of the world to find freedom from the yoke that makes them poor.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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I end by thanking all my colleagues in the community, who add value every day here. As well as all my sponsors for believing in the content I share with you.

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2 years ago


Nice article! Funny to see an article of mine referenced that cryptically! (I'm the guy that got two questions in during that live stream, and then wrote about it here)

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2 years ago

Read.cash is indeed an excellent community and a brilliant idea created to further pursue the real reason for Bitcoin Cash's creation - to be widely adopted as a medium of exchange.

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2 years ago

Totally I agree with you on this. In read.cash I opened my eyes to the real story behind Bitcoin. I am very happy with the community. Greetings.

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2 years ago