The writer: the thought's bricklayer

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Words are the writer's bricks

The writer's job is as hard as any other. Sure, on the surface, it seems soft when compared to physical exertion. The writer's pencil versus a construction worker's shovel and pickaxe doesn't seem to merit as much effort. 

In the writer, the building blocks are the words. Behind every piece of writing, there are hundreds of hours of reading and a lot of art and science only to produce a coherent text capable of bringing value to the readers.

When you see a writer in front of the computer, the modern work tool, you might admire how seemingly easy their craft is and dream of becoming a famous writer. But don't be fooled by the illusion. Every science and art requires a lot of dedication. Excellence does not spring from magic or the perennial visitation of some Greek muse. 

Writing is a recurring journey of self-knowledge and constant learning. Yes, travel we all share, but the writer shares through words to evoke thoughts and feelings. 

Imagine a world without writing and without words of any kind, where image or sound is the only communication method.

How would you understand the world?

Undoubtedly! Words have an enormous power that goes unnoticed as they are with us from a tender age.

The writer is the architect of the recreation of the world. Without him, knowledge would come to us through oral tradition. We would probably still be in a primitive state of existence.

Well, maybe I am exaggerating!

I don't know. What if, instead, language is only the reminiscence of forgotten skills? A kind of crutch for the intellectually disabled!

Now that I think about it better. I see the fall of man in a different light. I think I'm starting to hallucinate.

In a perfect primordial world: why would a man need the written word?  

Telepathic communication of thought and feeling would be more efficient than the written or spoken word. 

It would be super! Great! How to lie between evolved or unevolved human beings, as the case may be? 

In addition, it is to be supposed, when applying logic, the disappearance or appearance of the imagination, where would germinate the ideas on the non-existent?

Well! Excuse my crazy ramblings. I just fell down the rabbit hole that led me to Jusnaturalism and the belief of a perfect man fallen from grace. 

Forget philosophical disquisitions and a science fiction-biased perspective. The fact is that writing is an unobjectionable reality.

You and I are conversing here asynchronously through characters and symbols displayed on a rectangular screen. So whether we like it or not, the first argument (The power of the word) determines us. 

Now, I don't want to stray too far from the main idea behind this article. It would be too much rambling for my pretensions. So, I ask you to think or ask yourself how to know if you, in essence, are a writer. 

Well, you don't have to take my advice. You are here because you enjoy reading, and I am sure you have shared your own articles on more than one blogging platform.   

So please don't answer me it is evident that you are a writer, or at least a reader looking to harmonize your thoughts with ideas, not just like-minded ones.

You know, my friend, excuse me for the trust abuse: I feel you are close to me.  

Sometimes, I fear becoming obsessive and repetitive in writing. Maybe you have felt the same way.

A weight that is difficult to carry. It could also indicate rigidity of thought. You understand why I say that the writer's work is hard.

I wonder if a bricklayer gets tired of gluing blocks the same way.

In any case, the writer, like the bricklayer, will always have an audience that will appreciate work done with love and quality.

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Final thoughts

The writer is made by writing. If you write daily, you will soon stop being an amateur and become a professional.

Seek challenges and build with words as much as your imagination allows. 

Above all, enjoy the journey. Don't put off your passion for reading and writing until tomorrow. Life is shorter than we think. And every minute postponed is a lost and unrecoverable minute.

Don't put off until tomorrow what excites you. Only leave for tomorrow those you will not regret if you have to leave the world today. 

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Yes, you're right we must enjoy the process because that process will become a guide for us to grow..

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That's right my friend. You have just ratified the heart of the matter.

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