How to spend bitcoin BCH in your country?

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3 years ago

BCH, an undervalued gem

This is a relevant question in many respects. The bitcoin cash I stack in my wallets comes mostly from tips from and, as well as tips from generous people on Reddit and

I am very happy, as are other readers who are also excellent authors on these fantastic platforms, for the blessings received, but I guess they share my fears too.

If you are a visitor who has just arrived here, you are fortunate to find the needle in the haystack of cyberspace, this precious gem dismissed and reviled by those who work against you so that you stay out of a real choice of freedom.

Those who already own BCH, try to keep it as long as possible, knowing that it is undervalued and that sooner rather than later it will tend to fair value beyond greedy speculation.

If you do not understand the reason for such a blunt statement, I invite you to take a look at one of my recent exclusive publications by clicking on the following link:

Crypto Ramblings: Is Bitcoin Cash Undervalued, and Why?

The undervaluation of BCH today represents a unique investment opportunity if you can afford that luxury.

Now, the real bitcoin, identified in the exchanges with the acronym BCH, was designed for daily use, buying and selling, changing hands in a cycle without an intermediary, where the regulatory entity is not the State, nor any bank, but direct interaction (peer to peer).

BCH more than a gem, it is money

If you cannot afford to save BCH, since it is the main source of income to meet the basic needs of your family. You have no choice but to use them in the now, others will take advantage of the opportunity costs. Don't be sad, this is the main function of BCH.

Here I have stopped for a long time to meditate, and you should do the same. The world is changing rapidly. Jobs whose operations were routine will be absorbed by automation under the aegis of Artificial Intelligence.

So, the problem lies in finding a job that cannot be executed by the AI ​​while the transition is taking place, and ensuring that the remuneration is in cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin cash.

I understand, not everyone has the knowledge and skills to work in the globalized digital world, nor are they all digital artists, although being honest, I believe that anyone with dedication and effort can cross the gap and add value to the world that is born.

To add insult to injury, the elites are working full steam to reboot the international financial system with their reinterpretation of blockchain-based crypto technology. More power for the state and elimination of freedoms.

Returning to earth, I am sure my dear reader and lover of technological issues that you will have glimpsed the fine line in the coexistence of the money vehicle, where exchange houses are central to the flow of capital.

The value moves between fiat money and crypto money in both directions looking for a rearrangement. It is unfortunate, in my opinion, it is probably not distributed based on where the wealth comes from. There will be no equity in this regard.

In this sense, you and I are pioneers. I assume that you also own a crypto wallet with BCH. If not, don't delay, it could soon be too late.

Don't you believe in bitcoin cash as money?

Any of the authors that make up the Bitcoin Cash community at some point will have posted as changed their BCH into local fiat currency to purchase a good or buy food. Sure, a lot of juggling between intermediaries, the ideal would be to pay the merchant with BCH directly.

In this particular, in the community I launched the following question:

How many of you have paid with BCH in stores without changing them to the fiat currency of your country?

I didn't get as many responses as I expected, but those who kindly answered confirmed my own reality.

I wondered, should I be content with spending the BCH in cyberspace? Or continue trading it until it becomes the fiat money of my country.

I thought about the purpose of and, in addition to spreading the information about the use of BCH, it is also to provide the money received for your effort and bring it to the reality of your close environment.

With this in mind, I decided to take action within my small community, to give at least one street market trader the opportunity to learn about and use BCH in a peer-to-peer relationship.

In search of other opinions, I posted my brief plan on the BTC subReddit.

To my pleasant surprise @georgedonnelly and @RogerVer jumped in to encourage me and offer help, so I couldn't back down anymore.

They provided me with two links for guidance and resource to promote the mass adoption of BCH

I took some ideas about it, and on Sunday morning with my mouth cover, I launched myself into the market directly to the selected merchant, with a short speech in my head and with 0.01843726 BCH in my Electron Cash wallet I talked for about half an hour and made my first payment to a merchant within the urbanization.

We reside here for more than twenty-six years, and the street market has always been there on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

I intentionally chose the wallet for the express purpose of live testing the behavior and usability for the merchant and showing him that I was using another (Electron Cash) without any problem. I am very satisfied and that afternoon we prepared our first lunch at home paid directly with BCH without having to change it to fiat currency.

The first step towards it was successfully completed, and for sure, as the merchant verifies the benefits of using bitcoin cash, the merchant will be an ambassador among his fellow merchants that will contribute to the BCH's adoption in our community. Of course, I continue to do research in this regard to become a support resource for them.

Closing thoughts

A recurring question from the trader was where he could change the BCH. This was where I invested the most time, explaining to him the great opportunity that he had just received, the knowledge about the disruptive currency whose potential to replace the world reference fiat currencies is very real.

I realized in the speech of the merchant of something, the logic of the merchant is simple, he buys at the lowest price and sells the most expensive in a pre-established period for the type of business that he exercises.

In the case of those who sell perishable food, volatility works against him, so he needs a currency that is as stable as possible for his operations. In this sense, as long as mass adoption was not achieved, price fluctuations will represent obstacles due to their speculative nature.

Another important aspect that I must consider, perhaps I can incorporate all the merchants that consistently provide goods in the community, but if the residents do not have access and manage BCH the progress will stall.

I am optimistic, I think that we have already entered the transition of systems, we just have to follow the correct flow.

Wait, you say,

what is your recommendation to spend BCH without changing it to Fiat?

As you may have noticed, the key is to show the merchant how efficient, fast and economical the transaction of the operation with bitcoin cash. Of course, an indispensable condition is that you believe in BCH and establish a peer-to-peer relationship.

It really doesn't matter what country you are in, don't expect merchants to inertia adopt bitcoin cash. Rather, teach him the advantages of trading with you on BCH, and set up a win-win deal.

  • Screenshots are from and Reddit. The photograph of the merchant and the food was taken by me. The digital eye photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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3 years ago


really sad truth. Many in my place do not even know anything about it. Thus he article I just wrote. I wish I saw your article earlier. This only proved my findings.

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3 years ago

really sad truth. Many in my place do not even know anything about it. Thus he article I just wrote. I wish I saw your article earlier. This only proved my findings.


Yes, there is still a lot of work to be done, but as someone generous told me on Reddit. Rome was not built in a day. Let's do our bit and spread this valuable information in our close environment.

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3 years ago

I really wanted to do this. But it's too hard to convince may co-OFW here in HK.. I've tried many times but one remain and she's Ann on noisecash.
I planning to do this once I get back home..

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3 years ago

I really wanted to do this. But it's too hard to convince may co-OFW here in HK.. I've tried many times but one remain and she's Ann on noisecash. I planning to do this once I get back home..

I understand, Jane. In countries and cities where wages are higher, people still underestimate the latent power of cryptocurrencies, but sooner or later reality will catch up with them and they will remember you.

When you return to your country, don't give up on promoting the adoption of crypto, and then write a great article for us to share the success with you.

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3 years ago

Sure I will .i already have plans for that.

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3 years ago

Sure I will .i already have plans for that.

Fine, my friend! I take the opportunity to thank you for the sponsorship. I feel very honored.

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3 years ago

I'm always got inspired on your Article and posts in both platforms. I already following you since march in noise and find that your post are good. Continue inspiring people.

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3 years ago

My pleased with your pleasant words. These stimulate me to continue investigating and learning as much as possible to help on the path that I consider correct. We can do nothing alone, but together, nothing is impossible for us.

Thanks, my friend!

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3 years ago

That is true. I'm Here in for 2 months and Doesn't publish even a single article yet because I Loved reading articles. But maybe soon I'll publish but in line with my chosen profession. Kuddos to you my friend.

We could do better If we are United. And supportive to each other.

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3 years ago