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Freedom, a matter of money?

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4 months ago

Thinking leads to freedom

Today, I will give myself a license to clean up my ideas tied to the problem of procuring finances that meet daily demands.

When I started my working life, I never thought about salary. Deep, I was idealistic and believed that my profession contributed to the collective good. So pay was a secondary matter.

Now, after almost four decades, I am not so sure. Maybe I was wrong all that time.

It is so easy to wrong when one follows the demands of society. The indoctrination of an educational model; that treats individuals as functional elements that must compete in a system permanently built is a fault.

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The youngest is currently immersed in a world in transition without a clear future. At least my contemporaries in youth aspired to be professionals and enter institutions where they would spend most of their productive time, obtaining a fair and sufficient subsidy for a happy old age. In theory, the golden years.

Of course, theory in the social sciences hardly corresponds to practice.

I think of the generation that came before us: the Babies Boomers. They were born just at the end of the Second World War, living a period of stability and continuous progress unparalleled in recent history until Nixon executed the action that started the slow decline that is about to culminate.

Well, I won't delve into this. Although, the effects of that action; have a direct impact on my situation and yours.

Even today, I don't have a keen interest in money. Sure, it doesn't mean that I don't value it. On the contrary, without it, subsistence is impossible within the system.

Perhaps, I am still idealistic. But with a different focus, something more reduced and sublime.

At this time of year, some still evaluate the achievements and failures of the past year; Giving way to an indefinite list between real goals and unattainable desires. These generally include financial prosperity that leads to freedom.

However, few people wonder about the true meaning of freedom.

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Yes, it is undoubted! Resource limitations inhibit one from directing efforts toward great goals (in most men). But also, in the abundance or the desire for wealth, it prevents, even glimpse, the great objectives.

Tell me; If we are all born free! So, why is being free a lofty goal that everyone aspires to? In addition, it is a right embodied in the first article of the universal declaration of human rights.

Sadly, if you haven't noticed yet; It is a right violated with the excuse of the common good by the same institutions obliged, by law, to guarantee it.

Many naively believe that if they make a lot of money, they will escape the freedom regulators.

Probably, they will achieve a conditioned immunity; but will always have a heavy sword over their heads, waiting for them to transgress the allowed limit or to exhaust the patience of the masters of the system.

Therefore, the problem is not the lack of money. The problem is who has power and money at the same time.

In this sense, an obvious strategy is to get out of the system where one lives. Well, which seems like a utopia. Or at least go through the fuzzy limits of the system, trying not to be noticed.

Further, so brings us to another matter no less vital. What do I do with happiness? Well, I should say, the unhappiness the system spreads.

I do not know for sure. Meanwhile, I ask myself: Can freedom lead me to happiness?

Although I am sure of something, inside or outside the system, being free and happy is an inalienable responsibility that one must assume without fear.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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Written by   203
4 months ago
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I think freedom and happiness go hand in hand. I do value money too but if it is what we are chasing for, then we are bound to it and there is no freedom at all. I'm still chasing money but hopefully soon I can be free from it. That is the ultimate goal. To be at peace, living the life you want without having to worry about money.

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4 months ago

you are not far from the truth brother, until we start and change our thinking, we accept freedom we don't think indepth, we may not achieve freedom, not until i started thinking out of the box, my life started having a meaning

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4 months ago

you are not far from the truth brother, until we start and change our thinking, we accept freedom we don't think indepth, we may not achieve freedom, not until i started thinking out of the box, my life started having a meaning

Hello, my friend,

Yes, you are right. One must think and feel outside the box. Well, from the cage that we've been deliberately put into through alienation by the system.

The first step towards freedom is to accept that we do not have it.

I'm glad you're on the right track.


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4 months ago