Digital censorship. The danger of abusing copyright in the digital age

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The right to information and digital censorship

I just found out through an excellent video (in Spanish) about a lawsuit filed by four major publishers against the Internet Archive website.

If you don't know this website, you should check it out at this link.

Let me give you a briefing about it.

Internet Archive is a non-profit organization 1996 has been building a public digital library easily accessible to Internet users.

Here you will find digitized texts for consultation (just like a public library does in the real world). Also, one has access to a wide variety of audiovisual and internet material, which would otherwise be in danger of being lost with the disappearance of the original creators.

You ask me, what's the problem? In the end, people sue each other every day.

Perhaps the case of Kim Dotcom and the closed Megaupload will come to your mind.

Well, here I see some debatable differences that I don't want to address in depth in this article. I just want to point out the importance of knowledge in the process of knowledge privatization.

The people behind the corporations operate under economic rationality to the detriment of collective goods. Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating a socialist model. I have seen how socialism destroys the quality of life of those it is supposed to protect.

It is not about good versus evil in human systems. It is just a matter of conflicts of interest where money is paramount.

In the case of the lawsuit against the Internet Archive website, it is also based on the alleged violation of copyright and the economic loss it causes to publishers and their authors.

Let's be a bit insightful!

You know well. Copyright issues will become more acute soon concerning the growing digital assets.

Although with the implementation of NFTs within the Blockchain for these use cases, we should not be worried.

In any case, I hope "Internet Archive" wins the lawsuit for the sake of the majority of users. But I have well-founded doubts.

Before, bureaucrats monopolized the ability to censor. Now, big corporations with money and lobbying tip the balance in their favor.

I wonder what will happen to Copyleft and the free software movement in the future?

I don't see it easy!

In the meantime, one should explore and use all alternative means, such as those available on private and decentralized Blockchains that resist the censorship of fiat money.

Remember, free is very attractive at first sight but has, in reality, a very high cost expressed in the loss of freedom.

Yes, although I believe in the self-sustaining cooperative model. As long as the driving force is the respect for merit and the willingness to make a sustained effort to be better today than yesterday and to be better tomorrow than today.

Maybe I have a mess in my head, but who wouldn't in an era like today's, in constant accelerated changes and struggles between the old order and the new one that emerges.

Perhaps one ends up self-censoring oneself in the face of so much complexity. In the end, no one can arbitrarily take away your will.

Not everything is what it seems in the digital era.

Think of the new copyright-based algorithms within browsers.

Who defines their parameters?

Sure, no one like you or me.

Yes! We are serious challenges to define.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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1 year ago


This article is so helpful for everyone. You says truly. Nowadays, copyright is very dangarous on internet. So,This article help us so much.. thanks brother

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1 year ago

Thanks for your words, my friend. I hope the everything change for good on to copyright. Greetings.

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1 year ago