Crypto Ramblings: What are you trying to achieve with Bitcoin Cash?

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3 years ago

I have read interesting articles here, where directly or indirectly the authors declare how they use, or will use the bitcoin cash (BCH) that they accumulate with the participation in projects such as,, and others that appear in the panorama. So the classic questions come to my mind, but appropriate: What to spend or invest the BCH on? and how I do it?

I am fascinated with the synergy generated by these technology projects in such a short time on the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain and the influence it is having on the people who join, making them ambassadors of the same. Sure, some individuals persist in profiting by trying to violate the limits, but I also see how quickly they are countered.

Without distinction, everyone here has the same opportunities to participate under a minimum of explicit norms and others connoted in the interaction, that is, those types of common sense and with global acceptance.

Sharing the joy of a writer on when buying the land for an agricultural project with the savings on the platform is very inspiring. As well as knowing about the project of a father, who aspires to give his children, still young, funds in BCH for when they turn eighteen. It is quite exhilarating.

In both cases, I saw long-term plans, the purposes of which are to secure financial resources for the future and more comfortable life. Whether under the construction of a business or the formation of trust-based cryptocurrencies.

Other colleagues, amateur writers like myself, but younger, joined in clubs and cooperatives to assist, with parts of the tips earned, those in need within their area of ​​influence. A commendable feeling of solidarity worth imitating, no matter how little, when it comes from the heart.

I came to Bitcoin Cash on January 27 of this year in search of the tips that are distributed on and, but I got a lot more. I found an unknown project for me, the door and incentive to commit myself to a vision of a better future, outside of the control of the political and economic elites, which have been practicing for years, perhaps millennia.

It sounds romantic and ideal, I know. But, imagine for a moment, going down to the market and being able to pay directly and immediately from the wallet hosted on the smartphone. The exchange price is adjusted by the laws of supply and demand under a balanced cost structure, without induced inflation, transparency, and an agreed rational reference standard. In short, the elimination of any abuse by economic actors. What would be a utopia for many?

I think I'm digressing a lot, although that's what it's about; to give free rein to the mind and to write from the thought and the heart.

If I see something in common in the succinct and different claims described, it is that they are investments. By the way, both and is a very well structured investment. I wondered about the business model that makes it sustainable until I understood that it operates under the foundation figure, and in this sense, we have a lot to thank Mr. @MarcDeMesel, who is the visible face of both projects. Let's not forget to also thank the developers and administrators so far, anonymous. Perhaps they inherited the genes from Satoshi Nakamoto himself.

You will agree with me on the fundamental claim of the foundation, the massive adoption of bitcoin cash in the world. I also share, without neglecting diversity, free convertibility, and interoperability for the benefit of all.

However, there is still a long way to go, and consequently, the paths of transition must be followed with great care. Who would no longer like to be able to spend or invest the BCH directly, without having to resort to fiat money to make the simplest purchases?

We must not forget the conditions and effects of the pandemic, true or false, that does not matter if the before and after being evaluated. The world is changing radically. So the decisions you make will be vital as well as the learnings you acquire along the way.

I guess you know the difference between spending and investing. Any book on economic and financial topics will tell you. Wait, excuse me, that was in my student days, where multimedia and internet access were not yet massive. Now, just ask the browser and you will get the answer almost immediately. So I'll give it to you for homework.

In my case, coming down from the clouds, this week I decided to invest the tips of my last article in paying for some services and buying bananas and Cambur. Stop! I hear someone object, “Silly, don't confuse spending with investing. Don't you know, when you pay for services, you make current expenses and when you buy food, too. You only invest in tangible things that will generate income for you in the future. "

I do not take away the reason, but the difference is sometimes quite subtle. Evaluate my case, please.

How much time did you spend getting to know how exchange houses operate? For example Binance. Open an account to trade at the best time and under the most favorable conditions for you. Convert your hard-earned cryptocurrencies to the platforms you like so much. Understand technical jargon and the different acronyms of cryptographic talks. All this to change them to the fiat currency of the country, paying the respective commissions in the process.

Think about it, you spend time studying the conditions of crypto, in such a way as to design the best strategies to deposit, sell, buy and withdraw. In the end, you exchange the cryptocurrency, suitable or available, to the traditional money of your country at the lowest possible cost just to pay for the services and eat a succulent plate of banana with cheese.

Perhaps you agree with me that the distinction between spending and investing is subtle. Investment is everything that you intend to feed your mind and your belly. By the way, science has discovered that the digestive system also has neurons.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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3 years ago


Its my dream as well to pay services and goods in the market directly from my crypto wallet.i wonder when will this happen..

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3 years ago

ts my dream as well to pay services and goods in the market directly from my crypto wallet.i wonder when will this happen..

Nobody knows the future, but I suspect that it will be sooner rather than later. In the meantime, let's do what we can.

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3 years ago

You put great things accept love from me.. Sub me back my dear💟❤

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3 years ago