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Crypto ramblings. Reasonable fears about Bitcoin Cash to be lucky.

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8 months ago

Don't fear the future

I am fortunate in many ways to be a member of the and community.

I will be honest with you. I still doubt the sustainability of the platforms without a business model to sustain them beyond the power of donations.

I understand and share, both websites, although centralized, are two formidable means of disseminating information about the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Without a doubt, these contribute to the massive adoption of BCH. I believe in the great idea and celebrate how well managed they are.

However, I wonder, how long will they last?

I don't know! Although if I stop and observe the approximate growth of 3.5 times in the user base of during the last year, and with an article production that oscillates around 350 daily. I don't see it ending anytime soon. Unless someone or groups with enough power want to censor them.

Not to mention the end of A recently created platform with many successes that makes you fall in love with the first contact.

Well, I'm not saying anything new so far.

Nothing lasts forever on this material plane. When I see my old Palm TX on the nightstand, I remember that the company that made it doesn't exist. Well, not as an independent legal entity. If memory serves me correctly, this was acquired by HP, and the rest is history.

Now all these technologies converge in modern smartphones. So when I look at my smartphone, in a way, it is the evolution of my old electronic personal diary.

Today I read an article on suggested by @MarcDeMesel written by Tyler Maroney at the end of the last century about the Yahoo company. Your reading is not wasted. I wonder myself, what will be the new Yahoo within the spectrum of cryptocurrencies.

If you are interested in Maroney's article click here

Yes, I know! Bitcoin Cash does not belong to any company. It can be said, BCH is a collective good. In this sense, it will not suffer a fate similar to that of Yahoo.

But can you be sure?

Obviously, not.

Based on reading articles from members of the Bitcoin Cash community, loyalists, and dissenters, I learned that this can be possible through Hard forks.

So maintaining the loyalty of communities is vitally important to the success of any cryptocurrency ecosystem; A clear manifestation of supply and demand.

For example, some governments built spectacular cities that are deserted, despite investing huge fortunes.

Where did central planning fail?

I think you get the point.

I see ecosystems, based on cryptocurrencies, heading to an unprecedented territory were meeting the demands of cyber inhabitants is essential.

Although, is a reference that ended with the explosion of the bubble that facilitated the predominance of the survivors. The world on the blockchain has an immense range of opportunities that we are just beginning to glimpse.

On several occasions in my previous articles, I have stated how important it is for everyone to get involved in the success of the cryptocurrency of her preference.

I will repeat, do you want to be free?

Then spread and adopt the knowledge and use of your cryptocurrency in your area of ​​influence.

Through my short experience in this fascinating world of blockchain, I see that Bitcoin Cash is the option with the greatest potential to meet the needs of the emerging world.

Final thoughts

You will remember that I said at the beginning of the article that I was lucky in many ways to find this Bitcoin Cash community. If you are a reader with some experience and commitment here at you will have no doubts in feeling lucky too, so I hope you enjoyed reading.

But, if you are just getting to know the world of cryptocurrencies, I invite you to delve into the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. Learn with us the basics about Bitcoin and why people need it.

  • You will be lucky because you will know the history of the rants behind Bitcoin and the reason for the forks.

  • You will be lucky because you will learn to differentiate which bitcoin represents your interests.

  • You will be lucky because you will savor the beginning of true freedom.

I could go on listing reasons why you will be as lucky as me, but then I would deny you the fun of discovering them for yourself.

So don't delay, go beyond the stress of trading, gallop over the impending change that threatens the status quo to give you what you deserve.

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An original article by @Jnavedan

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Written by   203
8 months ago
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I would only add it is wise to diversify. Yes, BCH is wonderful. So is Cardeno. So are many others.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

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8 months ago

I would only add it is wise to diversify. Yes, BCH is wonderful. So is Cardeno. So are many others.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.

I totally agree with you on this.

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8 months ago