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2 years ago

I posted on about the Bitcoin pizza day, and I was struck by a comment thanking me for the information as he was unaware of this important milestone in the crypto market.

By the way! Some folks there express concerns about the disruption in the transfer of tips to wallets.

Speculations begin about some updates in progress and fears about the cessation of tips on the platform.

Uncertainty always brings these doubts to the table daily.

In the meantime, let's continue to enjoy the functionality that brings us by sharing contents of value to the Bitcoin Cash community.

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Here on, I saw several well-written articles about the celebration of Bitcoin pizza day, commenting on the first economic transaction with the cryptocurrency that started it all.

I thought the authors did an excellent job digging into the significant milestone from a uniquely personal perspective.

Although there will be thousands of propagandistic and informative articles on the subject, it will never be too much to think about what someone who investigates beyond the facts and their effects.

A novice will be impressed by the current value of bitcoin and how many pizzas he would buy with 10K bitcoin that a programmer paid for two Papa John's pizzas twelve years ago.

They will even argue (while trying to be empathetic) that both the buyer and the seller may be complaining about spending such a large amount of bitcoin, considering the current price despite the bearish season.

Today, either one of them would be a millionaire.

Maybe so, and neither you nor I know it.

What is relevant is that without this transaction, none of the booming crypto worlds that is beginning to spread would be possible. Or would it?

I ask you, how many cryptos do you manage in your wallet daily?

Let me guess!

At least BCH, which you are gifted here for the value you bring to the community.

A few weeks ago, I invited my family to eat some pizzas paying with BCH the equivalent of $40.

Sure, if I saved it in a cold wallet (or hardware wallet) in twelve more years when I'm over seventy. I'll be a millionaire too. Lol

Although being honest, I'd rather spend wisely all the BCH I receive or earn in the here and now, encouraging mass adoption.

I will be honest with you again; To my children, I do recommend saving in true cryptos such as Bitcoin Cash.

I know they will thank me in twelve years, God willing.

Although I also know from my experience that children often underestimate the wisdom of age, believing that one grows old and loses one's faculties in an increasingly technological world.

To cite a typical example of what I warn against, think of the statements of the president of the European central bank, who says that all cryptocurrencies are worthless.

One of the arguments is that crypto has no utility and nothing to back it up.

Well! Twelve years ago, bitcoin was good to buy a couple of pizzas without the need for a trusted middleman. So, she is either ignorant or has hidden purposes.

Also, ask yourself, what backs up fiat money?

I am not saying that all cryptos have relevant utility. In fact, I am suspicious of many of these. I even believe they are Trojan horses serving the interests of bankers and governments.

For example, I am very suspicious of BTC (after the direction it took after 2017).

If they were really worthless. Tell me,

Why do they want to regulate them?

In my articles, I repeat (as a mantra) that we are in dangerous times: Waging war in the currency arena.

Yes, the most optimistic say that the success of cryptos is inevitable.

I fully agree with this statement, but who is to say that it is not co-opted?

I love the idea of being able to buy pizzas with BCH. It bothers me to switch to fiat money, as I always lose money in commissions on transactions.

If the freedom side loses the war (a real possibility), the future of a world where CDCBs are dominant may be very restrictive, and you can't even buy a couple of pizzas if the rulers don't want it.

So I recommend that you work to keep this from happening in the area of influence. Otherwise, you will have to accept everything (as it is) or gets out of the system.

An original article by @Jnavedan

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I end by thanking all my colleagues in the community, who add value every day here. As well as all my sponsors for believing in the content I share with you.

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2 years ago


Sure, if I saved it in a cold wallet (or hardware wallet) in twelve more years when I'm over seventy. I'll be a millionaire too. Lol

Funny you 😂

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2 years ago

Hi, my friend.

I am glad you like the article.

I hope to see you in twelve years regardless of the content of the portfolio. Lol


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