Crypto rambling: Why is the massive adoption of Bitcoin Cash necessary for the world?

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Preliminary ramblings

Yes, I know! I am asking a trick question; more than a question, an assertion by assuming that BCH will win the race for mass adoption. I suppose that among my readers in is the logical outcome, they are great enthusiasts and work to promote Bitcoin Cash in the world, but what will the foreign Internet users who find this article think, will they agree with us?

Fortunately, authors like @CryptoMax , who reproduce with a masterful personal touch the arguments why Bitcoin Cash is aligned with the fundamental objective that gave rise to the revolutionary use of blockchain technology.

The fourteen reasons proposed by @CryptoMax are quite convincing, and it is difficult for the maximalists of the other variants coined with the name of Bitcoin to distort them within their logic. If you want to take a look, I leave you the link

In this sense, they will probably go around the bush and repeat the advertising slogan of the store of value and the wrapping of supposed digital gold. In my opinion, the original community incision was and still is, regrettable. Drag on the achievement of the fundamental objective in the face of barriers that will soon become tangible in an inevitable way.

The reasons why we need mass adoption of BCH

There are those who try to accumulate as much Bitcoin Cash as possible, they wait for the repetition of the Bitcoin Core (BTC) phenomenon. That is to say, they dream of a huge hike that will make them rich overnight. They imagine BTC giving way to BCH to reach a million dollars. Sounds great, here in the community there are groups whose goal is to achieve 1 BCH with disciplined work. Therefore, if this hypothesis is consolidated, we would have several millionaires here. I would be very happy for them.

I see it well, avoid compulsive desires and postpone immediate investment until accumulating enough to acquire productive means, as long as they do not attempt to satisfy basic needs. Now, if you write as a hobby, maybe you could treat yourself to certain luxuries. However, frugal behavior is the most appropriate for good living. From excesses come evils.

Returning to the issue of the first reason why we need the massive adoption of BCH, I believe it is important to first achieve a paradigm shift, as @Telesfor has pointed out. Stop thinking about BCH in relation to fiat money.

I know you are still under the rules of the world monetary system, and the tip of the iceberg is just beginning to melt. The elites already speak openly of implementing a great reboot of the system, digitization of it under the vision of the world that suits them best, so we are under the programmed demolition of the old structures, this alone explains the economic effects that we suffer under the curtain on sanitary measures.

Also, I understand how difficult it is to think outside of a pattern other than the Dollar, Euro, or the currency of your country. Yes, you are right, we do not live in a crystal ball, when you go to the market still most businesses do not accept your cryptocurrencies. Today I had to face that difficulty.

With this in mind, I will give you three obvious reasons why mass adoption of BCH is necessary.

  • The first reason, the massive adoption of BCH will contribute to the liberation of the connoted dictatorship of the elites, therefore, the faster people use cryptocurrencies, especially BCH, and become their own banks, it will avoid the extension of the modern slavery designed for us.

  • The second reason, the massive adoption of the BCH will influence the establishment of the new pattern for goods and services without intermediaries, determined by supply and demand. This only in the monetary aspect, as well as accompanied by smart contracts and other applications that ensure the balance between production and rational consumption.

  • The third reason, the massive adoption of the BCH will avoid the losses by commissions in the exchanges by reconversion. In other words, if the businesses directly accept the BCH, you will no longer have to convert them into fiat currency. Currently, exchange houses play an important role in the transition of the monetary model. However, operating in these implies mastering certain minimum and essential knowledge and skills to pay just the right amount. I want to give you an example, today to buy groceries I entered Binance to trade, starting with BCH I made two operations to the crypto exchangeable for the currency of my country, then I transferred them to the payment gateway that works with my bank to obtain fiat money. In the process, the sum of the commissions was 10%. Understand, if stores accept BCH, commission payments are pennies on the dollar, which means more food in the pantry.

Final ramblings

Excuse me, if you expected other reasons, less obvious, interesting and useful. Perhaps, you are a super enthusiast that you have read more solid and structured arguments in other authors. If so, I'm sorry I bored you. But tell me, what do you expect from a person who rambles from time to time, trying to be explicit for those who do not know the power of Bitcoin?

Behind the obvious, there is also the important. It is obvious that the world needs to change the monetary and financial paradigm to transform the economic model of production and consumption. It is obvious that fiat money as we know it has its days numbered, and that if the BCH is not imposed as a reference and mass-use standard, we will have lost the valuable libertarian opportunity. Perhaps the last for our generations.

So, I think if you're not a BCH enthusiast yet; You should do the homework of investigating what options you have at hand to face what is coming. Nobody knows the future exactly, but as in the seasons, the most prudent prepare according to the times to seize opportunities and avoid calamities.

I hope that these simple reasons are incentives for you to join the Bitcoin Cash project from a perspective that transcends the simple fact of obtaining short-term profits. You are gambling for freedom if you can transform the system. Sure, there is another, more radical path that involves abandoning the system, but that is a matter for other crypto digressions.

I think it will also be obvious what the real Bitcoin is.


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Bitcoin Cash itself is focused, for now, to be recognized as the real Digital cash, spendable (peer-to-peer) and very affordable. Though price still matter, BCH aims more to be what the real Bitcoin should be and more adopted not just for the sake of its price.

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Thank you very much for the mention and the way you wrote about me and my writing, feels great to be appreciated. On that note, why are you sponsorless, I have to change that, you're really good! Cheers

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