Can someone like me or you write a novel?

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Why write a novel?

I've had the idea of publishing a fiction book pounding in my mind for days. So, I have already downloaded two open-source applications oriented to the planning and documentation of literary stories, especially novels.

Once upon a time, someone said that among the goals of a man or woman in life, writing a book should not be missing.

Well! Technically, I fulfilled that goal years ago: I wrote the academic reports required to graduate from college more than once.

But, this time, my motivation and desire are of a different kind.

That's why I write consistently on different platforms on the Web.

Yes, I have been posting short stories and interacting with members of various communities on blockchain sites for over three years now. I admit I've enjoyed it a lot, but now I need to take the next step: to scale my writing in quality and length. 

I am sure my words will echo in more than one mind within the community that comes across this article since, deep down, we share similar desires. We are not here by chance.

In this sense, short stories are ideal for writing communities on the Web, and undoubtedly, these belong to a literary genre that (in the era of immediacy) has become very popular.

However, this does not mean that the long narrative, that is, novels and non-fiction books, have gone out of fashion. 

I have seen how some publish their first novels in chapters on their personal blogs on Blockchain. They even use platforms like to share them outside the crypto-verse.

This last option is excellent since it allows you to submit your work to the scrutiny of a large audience. As well as learn from the feedback of other writers.

So, it's prejudiced to say that people today don't like to read. 

On the contrary, as it becomes easier to access the Web, people not only watch videos and images. They also read content imported and translated by artificial intelligence designed for this purpose.

You'll say to me now, "Man! Then take the plunge and publish your novel already."

Thanks for encouraging me. 

The problem is that even the novel is a long-standing vague concept in my head.

Plus, I'd like to be able to sell it and receive royalties for it.

So, I won't worry about selling it now. I'll get busy writing it. And as I go along, I'll work on selecting the best option for publishing it and coming up with a market for it.

Sure, I won't lie to you. I've already looked at various platforms for self-publishing, such as Amazon KDP or Rakuten's KOBO. But I'm really interested in getting on the NFT Books carousel.

Yes! I'm convinced that tokenizing your literary or non-fiction works is a unique opportunity at this time: a privilege for pioneers in the new era.

In any case, I do not rule out trying both worlds coexisting. Earning passive income in an era of transition does not imply betraying the objectives for change.

I'm sure you'll be interested to know about potential NFT markets for books and audiobooks. So you should check out two upcoming projects that I'll leave you with below:


While wishing or wanting something doesn't mean you will get it. However, you will have to agree that without the desire, one will never move towards the goal.

Writing a novel is a very stimulating challenge for both parts of the brain. The side left brain demands the creativity to sustain a story that engages, the right brain to ensure consistency at all times, and the right brain to ensure consistency at all times. 

It is one thing to write a short story, which gives you, as both reader and writer, immediate satisfaction. It is quite another to embark on a larger project such as a novel, however short it may be.

In that sense, I hope Bibisco or Manuskript will help me in this self-imposed undertaking. 

Beyond becoming a Bestselling author, which wouldn't be a bad thing, I will enjoy the fabulous journey through the fields of imagination. 

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