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The responsibilities and duties of a conscious citizen during coronation

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1 year ago
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The coronavirus epidemic began at the very end of last year. Six months have already passed this year. What a violence this coronavirus went on! Invisible to the naked creature, but in a sense, the virus defeated the final stage of man. It is still going on with innumerable death gifts by making all the doctors, nurses, hospitals of the world miserable. Deaths or corpses in epidemics are literally just numbers. The survivors mourn the loss of one another in front of their eyes.

After the initial outbreak, the epidemic is now in a state of stagnation in many parts of the world. Again, according to experts, the second phase of the epidemic is likely to come, which may or may not be more severe than the first. Yet the state apparatus seeks to gradually normalize the social system in order to move the wheel of the economy without focusing on the negative. Shops, restaurants, parks, theaters, saloons, etc. are being opened. Somewhere completely, again somewhere in a limited range.

In order to reduce coronavirus infection, most countries in the world have encouraged citizens to maintain social distance. Lockdown has been issued in more or less all countries. On the one hand, it is not possible to go out due to the virus, on the other hand, while sitting at home, everyone is becoming mentally tired and domestic violence is on the rise. It's like a crocodile in the water, a tiger on the shore!

Attempts are being made to bring the rhythm back, albeit very little, to a life of absolute stagnation;

Initiatives have now been taken to restore social order in various states of the United States. The governments of the various states have decided to partially or completely lift the ban on lockdowns based on their governance and the severity of the epidemic. As one of the most powerful nations in the modern world, the United States has skillfully (!) Played the role of a failed state apparatus throughout the Corona epidemic.

Currently, the Texas government has banned any gathering of more than 100 people. In Austin, the capital city of Texas, gatherings of more than 10 people are strictly prohibited (except for those living in the same house). The state government is saying one thing, and the capital administration is saying another. The situation in South Carolina and California is even better. Adherence to social distance in any Dine In system is ‘proposed’ by their administration, but by no means ‘mandatory’. Authorities in the states of Tennessee and Wisconsin have "encouraged" people working in all types of organizations to wear masks but did not declare them "necessary." While the most outspoken people in the healthcare sector are unable to comment on the Corona epidemic, the US administration is leaving evidence of ultimate incompetence.

Even if the lockdown goes up, it's not time to get together for fun;

Bob Bednarkzic, a professor at Emory University in Atlanta Rollins School of Public Health, Georgia, made an important comment. Analyzing data from the Georgia State Department of Public Health, he said:

We must accept success in one matter; And that is the reduction in the index rate of coronavirus infection. Although we were able to do this successfully, the situation did not come up to lift the lockdown. The continuum of reduction in the number of infections according to the infection chart is not yet stable enough. That is to say, if all trade and commerce are started at this very moment, the transition chart will be given a way upwards.

From the beginning of the epidemic, the US administration has been completely silent, indifferent and sometimes unreasonable, engaged in producing fabricated decisions. So far, no decision of the administration has been satisfactory to the experts of the public health department. Regardless of the experience of the experienced people in the healthcare sector, the administration has tried to control everything by relying on its own stupidity, so that every time the opposite has happened. Historian Nancy Cohen, who works at Harvard Business School, teaches disaster leadership. Addressing his country's political failure to control the epidemic, he said:

This is a miserable failure of leadership in times of crisis in the United States. The failure of the state apparatus to provide realistic and timely guidance on the responsibilities, duties and way of life of a conscious citizen in controlling the epidemic is a major failure at the national level.

Anthony Fouchi, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases;

In the midst of the epidemic, this distrust of political figures is largely the responsibility of the people to stay healthy. That is to say, with prudence, the problem that could have been solved according to the plan, the same steps should be taken by everyone from the center of the system of governance from a personal place. Anthony Fawcett called on every citizen to be supremely aware of their position to overcome this catastrophe.

It is very normal for everyone to get tired while sitting at home day after day. The desire to get out in the middle of the external environment and match oneself is getting stronger and stronger. This is also the route of coronavirus infection. You are not solely responsible for being infected with the corona virus; Your chances of getting infected also depend on the behavior of the people around you. The fear is that the number of asymptomatic infections is increasing day by day. If a person shows signs of possible coronavirus infection, he and the people around him have a chance to be careful. However, the case is different for those who continue to carry the virus in their body without any symptoms.

Wearing a mask in public is basically a name for showing respect to every person in the neighborhood;

It is not possible to keep the lockdown running indefinitely in any country. Gradually everyone will return to normal life. The kids will want to go out, the business will start, the leisure centers will be up and running, everyone will go back to work - the wheel of the whole socio-economic system will start to turn, even if only a little. In this situation, it will not be possible to maintain social distance naturally. Then wearing masks and gloves will be the only way to take the utmost care.

When you pass someone on the road wearing a mask, traveling to the same destination with a passenger on a bus or train, helping a coworker at work, this behavior of yours carries a very important message during an epidemic - you are showing humanity, compassion towards the people around you. You are protecting others by wearing one person mask. In this way, the same use of everyone creates a protective system for everyone.

Public health expert Mark Molinsky said:

Everyone should wear a mask to prevent the spread of the virus. Wearing a mask can be seen as a means of showing respect to everyone else in society, rather than as a step towards one's personal freedom or as one's own choice.

It is important to note that the lockdown does not mean that the coronavirus is under human control. Lockdowns are slowly being lifted around the world to get back to the normal rhythm of life. Because, people are forced to leave the house now. So everyone should practice maintaining social distance (as much as possible), washing their hands regularly and using masks. Through these protective behaviors, people may save a life that is not their own. Caution is needed not only for oneself but also for everyone else to join the journey back to normal life.

It is everyone’s duty to maintain as much social distance as possible in the workplace or in the vehicle;

The lifting of the ban on lockdown means that a person is not legally obliged to stay indoors. If someone participates in normal intercourse, it cannot be considered a crime. However, if you want to protect your behavior can be pulled. At this time of the epidemic, the difference between 'essential' and 'optional' must be understood. The only thing that should be given priority is not the work that is not done. Hang out, eat at restaurants, go for walks in the park, have fun; Even if you don't do such things, it is better to avoid them.

The most sensible thing to do now is to be aware of one's place, not just look at the administration's decision or announcement. Live for yourself, help others to survive; Above all, stay as safe as possible.

Thanks to everyone for reading this article

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Written by   9
1 year ago
Topics: Health
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As a citizen or good citizen of a nation i can say

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