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The best sights of 2018 in the eyes of Time magazine

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There is no end to the sights in this vast world. On top of that new establishments, museums, parks etc. are being built every year to attract tourists. Time Magazine has compiled a list of 100 such places in recent years. Based on the report sent to their reporters, this list of 100 places in 48 countries is called World's Greatest Places 2018. Let's take a brief look at the top 15 places on this list.

Tianjin Binhai Library, China

Located in Tianjin, China, this public library seems to have been taken out of the world of science fiction. The five-storey library has about 13.5 lakh books arranged in layers. The library, built on an area of about 33,700 square meters, attracts about 10,000 visitors every day. Launched in October 2017, the library has so far been visited by 18 million people from home and abroad.

Image Source: Time

Cycling through water, Belgium

It is a cycling road built through a pond in Belgium's De Viziers Nature Reserve. The 212-meter-long concrete bridge has been built in such a submerged condition that cyclists will feel as if they are cycling through the water. Launched in 2016, the route has so far been able to attract around 5 lakh cyclists.

Image Source: Luc Daelemans

Morgan's Inspiration Island, USA

In 2010, her father, Gordon Hartman, created a theme park called Morgan's Wonderland to entertain physically challenged daughter Morgan. Later in 2017 he built a water park next to it. Located in Texas, USA, this park is open to all types of people but its specialty is that it has maximum facilities for all types of physically challenged people.

Image Source: Morgan's Wonderland

Golden Bridge, Vietnam

The two giant hands on Vietnam's 'or not' mountain may look like the ruins of an ancient structure. But in reality they are the two supports or poles of the Golden Bridge built in May this year. The 150-meter-long bridge connects a cable car station to a nearby garden. Along with the stainless steel railings and the wooden deck bridge, the giant arms made of wire mesh and fiberglass were originally built to attract tourists.

Image Source: The Spaces

Tippett Rise Art Center, USA

The Tippet Rise Art Center is built on 11,500 acres of land in Montana, USA, with the aim of combining nature, art and music. Launched in 2016, the art center has an exhibition hall and a concert hall, as well as some large sculptures across the open space outside.

Image Source: TripAdvisor

Pandora: The World of Avatar, USA

The Disney Animal Land Theme Park is a significant part of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, USA. And the most recent addition to this Disney Animal Land is Pandora. Inspired by James Cameron's Avatar, the 12-acre theme park features floating mountains, alien artificial creatures, and luminous flora. One of its attractions is the opportunity to fly over alien planets through virtual reality.

Image Source: WDWMagic

Eb Philharmonic Hall, Germany

Located on Grassbrook Island in the middle of the Eb River in Hamburg, Germany, the concert hall is commonly known as Elfi. The concert hall, built on top of an old brick warehouse, is made of glass. Like many sailing boats, the hall is famous not only for its aesthetics, but also for its sophisticated sound system.

Museum Makan, Indonesia

Its full name is The Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Nasantra. Built on about 4,000 square meters of land in Nasantra, Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, this museum is a wonderful collection of dazzling paintings and works of art. The museum, which is suitable for visitors of all ages, was opened to the public in November 2017.

Image Source:

Seoul 2017 Skygarden, South Korea

The elevated park, called the Siulo Skygarden, is built on a closed highway overpass in the South Korean capital, Seoul. In addition to various cafes and footbaths, there is a linear garden of about 24,000 plants on the 1 km long walkway. Launched in May 2017, the night view of the Skygarden attracts a large number of pedestrians.

Image Source: Time

Central Idaho Dark Sky Reserve, United States

There are only 12 places in the world that have been recognized by the International Dark Sky Association as Dark Sky Reserve. The atmosphere of these places is so clear that it is possible to see most of them in the night sky with the naked eye. The latest addition to the list last year was an area of 2,250 square kilometers in central Idaho, USA. This is the first and only Dark Sky Reserve in the United States so far.

Image Source:

Thread, Senegal

Cynthia is one of the most remote areas in Senegal. But thanks to the cultural center called Thread built there, the city has now become one of the attractions for cultural-minded tourists from home and abroad. The building, made of local bamboo and clay, is not only used as a cultural get-together, it also allows local and international artists to live and work here.

Image Source: ArchDaily

Zariyadai Park, Russia

Zariyadai Park is the first public park built in Moscow in the last half century. Built on about 78,000 square meters of land, the park has a huge concert hall, ice caves, a boomerang-shaped floating bridge over the Moscow River and many other attractions. About 1 million people have visited the park since its launch in September 2017.

Image Source: Google

Underwater Museum of Art, United States

The Florida Underwater Museum of Art is the first underwater museum in the United States. Launched this year, the museum is home to seven giant artefacts submerged in seawater. These include a steel pineapple structure, a skull, an octopus and four other different sculptures. Every year new works of art are added to it. The sculptures can also be seen from the water, but to enjoy its true beauty, visitors have to wear diver's clothes and learn to swim.

Image Souce: Smithsonian Magazine

Mariposa Grove, USA

Grove is a rare species of Sequoia tree forest in California, USA. These trees are about 100 meters high and can live up to 3,000 years. A huge 40 million project was undertaken in 2015 to protect the trees from pollution, including moving roads and parking areas farther away, planting trees along sidewalks, building wooden bridges and artificial waterways. The forest was reopened in June this year.

Image Source:

So Kuan, Hong Kong

It is the largest reform project in the history of Hong Kong. The 150-year-old British colonial Central Police Station, the Central Magistrate's Office and 186 Victoria Prison buildings have been renovated and converted into the Kuan Art and Heritage Center. It took 8 years and cost about 500 million US dollars. Launched in May this year, Tui Kuan is expected to be one of Hong Kong's top tourist attractions.

Image Source:

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