Belladonna: Deadly Nightshade

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She was stunning, but you couldn't take her lightly because she was poisonous and deadly.


In the year 1872, in the English town of St. Ives. Belladonna was the name of this attractive young lady. She was known as the town princess because she had a beautiful face that could seduce any male. All of the girls in their community enviously looked at her because she had all of the guys' attention. The innocent and lovely face of her makes any man fall for her.

Olivia and her friend Georgia had planned some nasty skims for her. They intended to get rid of Bella since the boy she adores had turned his attention to her, making her even angrier. They begged Marco, who was also smitten with Bella, to rape and murder her out of jealously.

"Make sure you get rid of her," Olivia added sternly as she handed Marco two gold tokens.


Bella was soundly sleeping that night when Marco entered her home. Marco enters Bella's chamber and stares at her for several minutes, mesmerized by her beauty. He then gently touches and caresses the girls' faces. Bella abruptly awoke as he was going to kiss her. When she noticed Marco above her, she had a startled expression on her face. Bella was ready to scream when Marco put his hands over her mouth to silence her. She couldn't move a muscle since both of her hands were clutching Marcos' legs.

He then began kissing Bella all over her face, as if he'd been wanting to do so for a long time. He started removing Bella's underpants after touching her all over her body. Bella's eyes welled up with tears as Marco continued to thrust at her. As Marco carefully removes his hands from Bella's mouth, he hears Bella's laugh grow louder and louder until it is audible.

"So you enjoy it, huh?" Marco asked flirtatiously as he continued to thrust Bella.

"I knew you liked me before," Marco continued.


Bella continues to burst out laughing. Marco is concerned that they may be overheard. Bella didn't stop laughing; in fact, she continued to laugh like a whore. Marco became enraged and tried to silence Bella by putting his hands over his mouth, but it didn't work since she continued to laugh. He choked Bella to death out of rage. As she gasped for air, the commotion in the room gradually receded. As Marco stared at the motionless Bella, the room was deafeningly quiet.

After that, Marco brought Bella's body to the location where Olivia and him planned to dispose of her. It was in the middle of nowhere, in the woods. When he got at the specified location, he immediately began digging a hole in which to bury Bella's lifeless body. He simply dropped Bella's body into the grave and covered it with soil after digging. Marco believes he followed Olivia's instructions and completed his task without error. He then walked away into the woods, seemingly unconcerned about what he had done to the poor girl.

Marco went to Olivia's place the next morning and assured her that everything had gone according to plan. With a grin on her face, she offered Marco another two gold tokens after hearing what Marco had said to her.

She has confidence that the man she adores will finally be hers.


 Olivia and her friend Georgia headed to the market the next morning to get some groceries. When they got at the market, there was this guy running around shouting something to the people there. When it arrived, he informed everyone that he had discovered a lifeless body in the middle of the woods. They discovered that the man was a hunter when he recounted to them that while searching for wild animals, he noticed something peculiar and mistook it for a strange animal. He was taken aback when he discovered it was a dead body as he approached it.

Olivia and Georgia locked gazes for a moment, wondering whether the dead body was Bella's body and Marco had failed the duty she had assigned to him. They then accompanied the town's residents to the location where the hunter claimed he discovered a lifeless body of a person. When they got at the specified location, Olivia appeared to be familiar with it because it was the same location where Bella's body was buried.

She felt relieved when she realized it was a man's body, not Bella's.

"Perhaps he was inebriated and slipped, or perhaps he was attacked by a wild animal," the hunter speculated.

Georgia says to Olivia, "There's something peculiar about this man, he seems really familiar."

"Shut up!" Olivia exclaimed


Because the man's face was facing and buried a little on the ground, they couldn't tell who he was at first. They cautiously pick up the man and attempt to place his face on the ground. When Olivia saw the man's expression, he almost puked. It had its lips open, as though gasping for air. Its eyes were swollen. What surprises her even more is learning that the deceased body of the males was Marcos'. She was on the verge of passing out after seeing Marco's lifeless body.

"H-how How could this happen?" Olivia asked Georgia in a panicked tone.


"Hello, Olivia,.."

Behind her back, she hears a familiar soothing voice. She knew exactly who it was even before she turned around.

As she turned around to face someone who called her name, tears streamed down her face.

She was taken aback and terrified. When she finally realized who it was, she couldn't move an inch.

Behind her, a girl, calling her name. It had always been her.

"Hello, there. Olivia" Belladonna stated with a sinister grin on her face.




Belladonna means "Beautiful Lady". Belladonna is an Old World nightshade poisonous plant (Atropa belladonna) with purple or green bell-shaped blooms, glossy black berries, and atropine-producing roots and leaves. It's also known as "deadly nightshade." The belladonna plant can be utilized as a source of therapeutic extracts (such as atropine).

Not only are its black berries known as murderer's berries, sorcerer's berries, and even devil's berries, but they're also suspected of being the poison that killed Juliet in Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet."

Belladonna is so deadly that even a small amount of its leaves or berries can kill humans, especially children, as well as some animals.


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