Interesting Facts About Badminton

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1. Modern but originated to ancient times

➡ the history of badminton is not old fashioned but it can still be considered a modern sport. But we can say it came from ancient Eurasian culture the word "Eurasian" is a mixture of Europe and asian, this is the name given to our ancestors with mixed cultures  or races on the two said continents. Almost two thousand years ago playing badminton using a battledore or small racket the battledore row consists of plastic and nylon attached to the wooden racket design. A lightweighted material was used for the creation of the shuttlecock. The mentioned sport is played between two players although without a net the shuttlecock should not land on the ground.

2. Badminton

➡where did this sports name begin? In 1873 in the England country of Gloucestershire a celebration took place at the home of the duke of beaufort. His home  is known as the badminton house at that festival the duke introduced this game to his guests after he saw the british soldiers playing the same game in Puni India, the India version of the sport that is called comment named in the said city.

3.Badminton as an official sport

➡Badminton became  very popular in England and in 1877 the first set of protocols or sets of rules. For the game was developed by Bath Badminton club the England Badminton federation was formed  sixteen years later. And the first all England championship was held in 1899 later in 1934 the badminton world federation was formed,  formerly known as the international badminton federation at first the countries involved in the game were England, Wales, Ireland, Scottland, Holand, Canada, Denmark, France and NewZealand in 1950 the Philippines joined the said Federation.

4. Leading Asian in Badminton

➡After 30 long years badminton is included in the commonwealth games in Kingston Jamaica later in 1972 badminton got the chance to participate in the Olympic games in Munich,  but it officially appeared in the olympics in 1992 in Barcelona Spain, this is the first time that mens and womens double set singles have taken place,  players from many countries had the opportunity to showcase their respective badminton talents,  the players in the countries of Asia are amazing from the very beginning so 15 out of 16 medals were won by the Asians. Since the Thomas cup began as mens world team championship in 1948 Malaysia,China, and Indonesia are the winners while in the womens world king championship which is called Ubercup only five countries from many countries participated the most winners four of them or 4 out of 5 winner countrys are Asian.

5. Is Badminton as the world Fastest Sport?

➡Badminton is arguably the fastest sports when it comes to racket and ball or shuttlecock  speed.  According to badminton world federation Tan Boon Heong of Malaysia gave a fastest 306.3mph or 493kph smash speed in speed trials  in 2013. However the fastest  speed recorded in guinness world record was 264.7mph or 426kph achieved by Mads Pieler Kolding of Denmark in January 2017 in bankolor India. Later in September 2017 Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia almost grabbed the record of beating 259 mph or 417kph  while playing in the Japan Oken finals. Moreover badminton is a very fast sports,  especially if you consider the nature of this sport and activities while playing it. Ideally this sport consists of agility, reactionspeed, reflexes and extreme concentration. In badminton you only have less than 1 second to hit or return a service and otherwise your return to service maybe wrong.

6. The Longest and shortest match

➡According to BWF the longest match ever recorded is the womens doubles match between Japaneese pair Kurumi Yonao and Naoko Fukuman and Indonesian pair Greysia Polii and Nitya Krishinda which  lasted  2hours and 41 minutes,  while the shortest match was in 1996 ubercup in Hongkong between Rya Kung Min of South korea and Julia Mann of England which lasted only 6minutes in favor of Rya Kung Min.

7. Where the shuttlecock is made

➡there are shuttlecocks made of feathers or duck wings or even of goose feathers. Only the feathers on the left wing can be used to make the shuttlecock because it is the only one that can give the ball a proper rotation. According to a president of the badminton world federation when the feathers on the left wing are used  in making  a shuttlecock its cycle when struck is clockwise, but when the one from the right wing is used the cycle is counter clockwise. Note that the correct rotation of the shuttlecock is clockwise the left feather the correct rotation of the shuttlecock is related to aero dynamics and physics of sports.

8. The Filipino badminton players in the olympics

➡Did you know that currently the first filipino badminton players to enter the olympics to present the Philippines is a woman. She is Amparo Weena Lim she fought Qatarzenia for Poland for womens single in 1996 atlanta summer games, Weena lost in 11/6 11/6 score Weena Lim still and Kennie Asuncion the first womens doubles in the Philippines to win gold medals at the Australian International championship in 1995, they also participated and took home a bronze medal at the US open held in orange country California in 2002.

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