Animal Sketch: The Zebra

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Hi everyone

Today I have for you an animal sketch, a Zebra to be precise. Some animals do not have specific colour but you would never find a zebra that is not BLACK AND WHITE. Yeah, that makes them really unique.

Drawing it wasn't too difficult or time taken. I started by sketching out the image with a light HB pencils before shading the dark parts out with a black pen. Thence, I added textures with a softer charcoal pencil.

The drawing was therefore made on a cardboard with a black pen, HB Pencil and a soft charcoal pencil.


The Zebra is not a carnivorous animal but lives in the wild forest. It is mainly the prey to the carnivorous animals such as tiger, lion, leopard, jaguar, wolf, hyena and the likes. They belong to the wild world and can't be domesticated.

The Zebra is mostly found in the Harems and large Herds across the Southern and East part of Africa.

There are three species of zebra which are:

- The Plains

- The Mountain

- The Grévy

Plains Zebra are said to be the most common species of the Zebra but are mainly found in Ethiopia, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. The mountain species are in Angola, Namibia and south Africa but are the less common of the three species. The Grévy is rare, without only three thousand estimated number left in the world.

The gathering or a group of zebra is called DAZZLE. These is as a regards to the expressive view made when they move or gather in motion. The dazzling sight is made. It is very difficult to recognize or differential one particular zebra from the other, specially when in group.

Unlike some wild animals, the Zebra or Dazzle can travel far distance. Either in group or one, the zebra can go as far as traveling five hundred (500) miles in circuit and three hundred (300) miles on a straight line.

One confusing thing about the colour of the zebra is that one can not tell whether it is black or white mainly. The zebra is a black horse-like animal with white stripes. This could be why it is mostly found in Africa.

Drawing the Zebra wasn't a too difficult task but concentrate is aptly required for a better job well done.

Let's take a look at the drawing process:

First, I started with a rough pencil sketch of the whole image, figuring out with my HB Pencil ✏️ the necessary outline for my shading after.

I started the shading from the mouth where there is a darker portion in the head. Moving on to shading other segmented region with a light pencil, black pen 🖊️, then with charcoal pencil.

The shading continues towards the eyes, the ears with the black ball pen.

At this point the hairy part of the head is essential. It must be realistic, so using the pencil for proper shading is a core.

Although, the Zebra is a black animal with white stripes, but shading out the black parts is more important, because it is drawn on a white cardboard paper.

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I like Your art)

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