Humans are naturally impatient.

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1 year ago

I thought about contacting my counselor to discuss certain issues that are trying to make me lose my peace. I need to see her tomorrow, however, she has other clients she must have given an appointment for the new week and I may not even have access to her till next month because she may have already scheduled herself for various appointments till the month ends.

I think it's safe to say that humans are naturally impatient, we can't help it, don't you think so too?

Andrea Piacquadio

I've noticed that no one was born with the ability to be patient, everyone just tries to develop it in them, I can say that almost 90% of the time when humans try to be patient, they often find it difficult.

Speaking about patience, after church service today, I had to quickly do a little girl's hair, her mom had told me the previous day, so I didn't want to disappoint even though I had another client who was already waiting for me, I just made sure I was fast with the twists I was doing for her. I sat in the children's church and was busy doing the twists with the little girl's hair when my elder sister came in to breastfeed her baby. She wore a dress that had a zip at the back and in other for her to be able to breastfeed the baby, she needed to unzip the dress, that was the reason why she had to come to the children's church.

When she was done breastfeeding the baby, she stood and asked me to help her zip up the dress, unfortunately, at that moment, she asked, I couldn't drop the twist I was holding, I had to tell her to hold on a bit for me. I was almost at the tip of the twist I was doing and was about to drop it to zip up her dress. When I turned towards her, I saw that she had zipped it up herself and was already leaving. On seeing that, I returned to the hair I was doing.

This is a part of impatience.

I was so in a hurry, I didn't want to keep the other client waiting for too long, the frustrating part about it all was that the little girl wasn't cooperating, she wanted her mom to get her sweet and biscuits before she agrees to stay, however, her mom was nowhere around so I had to find a way to make her stay.

After an hour, I was done with the hair, immediately I took my things and left the church.

I was walking as fast as I could trying to catch up with any public transportation I could find, unfortunately, the one's I saw kept demanding a fee which was higher than the usual fee, I just had to let them go and kept walking till I got to the next bus stop, "maybe the t-fare would be cheaper", I said to myself.

As I was going, I saw a choir member of my church seated at the back seat of her dad's car, when they drove past me, I noticed that there is a space at the back seat. "*An opportunity to not see, and any t-fare to where I was headed*," I said again to myself.

Immediately, I brought out my phone and called her. When she picked up, I quickly told her to help me tell her dad to hold on a bit for me to come to meet them where they were. I explained to her that they drove past me and I can see their car. Already the car was far ahead. She replied and said okay.

When she said that, I had to start running to catch up with them. I ran and ran, finally I was able to see the car again as I was getting close to it.

I kept running and running to catch up, finally, I was almost close enough. I was already feeling excited that I was able to run that

fast, however, the excitement disappeared as I watched the car drive off.


Could it be that they didn't see me? But I was already close to them, or did they get tired of waiting?

Those were the questions that came to my mind as I was trying to understand the reason why they drove off. At the end of it all, I still entered public transportation and paid the money I was trying to preserve, *such is life.*

This is another typical example of impatience.

In August 2018, I and hubby decided to take go for family planning so we would be able to have the gap we want before having another child. I decided to go for the Implanon implant which is effective for just 3years according to the nurse who attended to me. 3 years after, it got expired, unfortunately, I and hubby were not on good terms, and because of that I had to go renew it, however, I went for a different birth control method which is effective for only three months.

The three months got expired on the 17th of December 2021. During that period, I and hubby had already settled the issues that made us go our separate ways earlier in the year.


Ever since it got expired, we've been trying to make a baby which hasn't been successful yet. Now he keeps blaming me and getting angry because I haven't told him that I'm pregnant and he hasn't seen me talking about my monthly flow.

I'm enjoying this moment of not going through the stress of monthly flow and pregnancy, I'm enjoying the moment while it lasts however, hubby now sees me as a bad person because of that. Hehe

I've had to sit him down severally, lecturing him to make him understand that there is nothing wrong with me, the birth control method was the type that alters the hormones in the body and all we have to do is to give the process enough time, my hormones would regulate back to the normal way it was, Yeah it may take a while for the effect of the birth control effect to wear off completely but if we keep trying, and keep waiting for God's time, we may just be lucky to get two big fast positives sooner than we except.

The lecturing has not been successful, he keeps blaming me for opting for birth control in the first place and keeps fuming in anger all the time. He isn't exercising patience.

Why can't humans exercise patience?

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1 year ago


I am not so patient at all but if there is a very good reason to wait and that will benefit me in the long run, then I will.

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1 year ago

We are always impatient, 🤣

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1 year ago