Destiny and Karma, can they both be true?

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What's destiny?
In a simple sentence, it means a necessary event that will happen in one's life in the future. No wonder we hear statements like "oh! That was is destiny". Destiny is also known as the pre-ordained path of a person's life, most of the time, we usually don't have enough control over our destiny, we just go with the flow of whatever we see.

No doubt, believing in destiny is certainly a spiritual feeling.
This topic is a topic which one would want to sit argue about due to people's beliefs. Some believe that there's no such thing while others think that it does. If destiny doesn't exist, why then does it have a translation?
In this life, every man is destined to something, it may be a good and as well be a bad thing, that destiny. We have no control over whichever one happens.

I remember an event that happened a few years ago, I can't remember the actual time.
That period was when the first female pilot emerged in my country. It was when she died we got to know some things about her, and that was when we also learned that she was the first female pilot.
I can't remember the cause of her death, however, I remember she was between the age of 23 - 24yrs.
This girl must have put so much effort into studying and working hard to make sure she bags that position of a good pilot. If she wasn't a good pilot, I'm sure that when she died, we would not even know that a person like that exists.

My point is this, the girl must havee had bigger dreams of how she is going to be the best female pilot in the world, yeah she may have been thinking big but death happened, she had no control over that, today she's no more.
That was probably her destiny, to die when it's time to shine, after so much studying and becoming that which she has been dreaming of. Things like this happen, this isn't a good destiny, that is the reason why Christians(believers) always include ' God, please change my destiny' in their prayers points. They don't know if it is good or bad but they pray to God hoping and believing that he will make it good.
Another clear example that should make an unbelievable belief that that is a thing called destiny can be seen in the life of Jesus Christ, we know the story.

Right from when he was conceived in his mother's womb mary, he already has a destiny which was the purpose of his existence on earth. When the time came to fulfill his destiny, he cried to his father, God asking that if it would be possible, let the cup be taken away from him. Jesus however understood that it was his destiny and that was what he later said 'nevertheless, let thy will be done.

His destiny all along was to come and die for the sins of the world, till now, that very act is what keeps redeeming us all.

Many people are unable to stop destiny because it sometimes is an incurable curse.

I mentioned something earlier, I quote

"that is the reason why Christians(believers) always include ' God, please change my destiny' in their prayers points. They don't know if it is good or bad but they pray to God hoping and believing that he will make it good."

The question is this, does prayer alters destiny? I just shared an example about Jesus who is the son of God, he prayed that the cup may pass from him but it did not, we can say that it is because it was God's will. So can prayers alter destiny?


I've come across this word so many times especially "KARMA IS A BITCH".
YES I believe in Karma. If you do good, you do for yourself and if it's bad, it's also for yourself. Whatever you do will definitely come back for you because what goes around comes around.

According to Wikipedia

For the believers in spirituality the term also refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect, often descriptively called the principle of karma, wherein intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).

A simple example of karma.
Rita is a girl who happens to be the only child of her parents. Somehow, she got influenced by peer group and lives a life that causes her parents to feel ashamed. Even when her parents calls her to talk to her so she would turn a new live, she still doesn't listen.
Now Rita is all grown and married with kids.
She was living happily until Karma visited, her first born child now acts exactly the way she acts back then when she was that age and was with her own own.

Karma can happen in any form, the simple way to say is that what you do will also be done to you.

I believe in destiny and I believe in Karma, they are both true.

All I have written are just my personal opinions.

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1 year ago


I do believe in both as well. We all will sow what we reaped and if we are destined to do great, we will.

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1 year ago

I believe in both especially in Karma, my neighbor is a proof on that.

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