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Update: Strategy for INVESTING

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3 months ago

We are happy with this new rise of bitcoin and the booming cryptocurrencies. New projects have also emerged that need to be thoroughly investigated because as we all know, investing can be DANGEROUS when these projects have an early stage of development. So, the strategy that I will show is not investment advice, it is just information to educate us and before INVESTING I recommend you to do your research.

This investment strategy is for the long term, that is to say, do not expect that in a month you will obtain great benefits, it is thought for the FUTURE.

Image obtained from UNSPLASH + moving a piece can make a big change in the future.

IDOS / ICOS strategy: One of the best strategies is to focus on several established projects, but buy them when they are at a low price and of course the most important thing is to select the most secure, reputable, and trustworthy platforms.

Is there a lot of risk in investing in many projects?

Yes, there is a lot of RISK and more in this type of investment. The idea is to sell them at a high price or to recover at least the initial investment, to obtain liquidity to be able to continue moving the money in new projects.

Image obtained from Instagram profile @timolenzen + Eminent risks can be a mistake.

The best performing IDO this past month is DERACE, it's a pioneering decentralized racehorse platform on the BLOCKCHAIN, where the connection of fanatical users has created a large racehorse community, and I know it sounds crazy because you can buy and breed NFT horses, be able to bet on these races in real-time. At the same time, being able to order the racetracks (horse racing facilities) so that you can make REAL profits.

Capture from the web

As you can see in the image below, it has risen more than expected. Its maximum historical value has been 4.22 US and the minimum has been 0.4638 US and this within the same month. The price has risen 61.3% in the last 24 hours.

Image obtained from the link:

Can you imagine the profit margin by selling these tokens at this price? It would be fantastic, but of course, the process involved is not EASY, and we have to take into account several factors. Profits are spread over a LOCK-UP period (token lock-in period) and it will depend on each project. For example, in DeRace, only 20% of the tokens are unlocked on the day of enlistment, the other 80% are unlocked every quarter of 20% each. In other words, it would take a year to earn the profits obtained.


One thing to take into account is NOT to buy the token the day it is ready or just when it is launched in order to buy it at a low price but to do it in the PRE-SALE and before the launch.


Don't forget, before you invest you need to do your research. If you want more content on what are cryptocurrencies and investments, let me know to set aside my time and always bring good content, below are the links to the different platforms. Always choose profitable tokens and secure profitable platforms.

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Thank you for reading to the end.

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Written by   4
3 months ago
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