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MARAÑON: An Exotic Fruit

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3 months ago
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I want to share with you about an exotic fruit and its seed is a great food as well.

MARAÑON is a tropical fruit and can be consumed when it is yellow, orange, or reddish in color. The flowers that your tree produces have a curious thing, they open in the morning but in the afternoon they close. The fruit can be used to prepare delicious drinks and desserts.

Image source: Instagram by @penonomeurbano

It is also known for its seed, a very nutritious almond. The seeds can be consumed roasted or caramelized, in cakes, filled with chocolate and in many other ways, they have a unique flavor. The leaves of the cashew tree are also consumed in infusions, in teas that have multiple benefits such as improving memory function.

I want to tell you about an anecdote related to a cashew tree that I used to visit in my childhood.

I often visited a godmother's house; my siblings and I loved to play in that big yard full of trees, there was a very curious cashew tree because its branches were wide (very good for climbing). When I saw my siblings climbing other trees, I didn't do it because my mother restricted me from doing so because I was too little and I was afraid of falling.

Image source: Instagram by @ecorutatortuga

But I did want to climb that cashew tree. One day I had the courage to climb that tree (it wasn't big) but it was big enough to support my weight. The detail was that I loved it so much to be up there that I started to swing through the branches and my brothers were near but not exactly there. What had to happen happened, I fell to the ground from so much swinging, I felt the blow on my head that fell on top of some big roots of another tree.

Image source: Instagram by @cropmanagement

I am thankful to remember that moment because I got up by myself (I felt a little dizzy) and I shook the flowered dress that I was wearing as if hiding that nothing happened, my brother, Moises arrived and I think he saw me from afar that I fell and the first thing he asked me is, you fell right? I said no calmly and I felt my whole body sore, but of course, they didn't believe me. Afterward, I told my brothers that I did fall but that they should not tell my mother or anyone else. The beauty of the story is that nothing serious happened to me, I learned my lesson not to climb trees (not even that cashew tree) and my brothers kept the secret well.

I also remember the cashew fruit juices that my mother used to prepare for me, they were delicious and somewhat spicy. By the way, the seeds of this fruit are very expensive in supermarkets, I imagine it is because it is difficult to get.

Image source: Instagram by @torio.panama

Tell me, have you ever tasted the cashew fruit or its delicious seed?

I finally introduce myself,

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Written by   4
3 months ago
Topics: Tree, Nature, Fruits, Seeds, Yellow, ...
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