Gospel Matthew Reflection

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3 years ago

My life is full of ups and downs, I have experience a lot of difficulties and for 2 decades of my existence I consider this year as one of the challenging and heart breaking year. It's just a half of the year yet a lot of things already happened. And as pandemic continue exist in our daily life it greatly affect me, as a person, as a student and as a daughter.

It is true that we never know how and when our life will end, no one will ever know except God. Two important person in my life gone unexpectedly in this very difficult time. Last April 4 my uncle past away because of high blood and after 2 days my grandfather also died and it was suspicious its because of the virus. I never see them for the last time since they are not with us. During this time of pandemic a lot of thing bothers me not only the death of my love once but also the time because I supposedly graduated last year if I didnt stop studying for two years. I should now helping my family financially and already not relying on them. I was pressured by the time especially now that life is very difficult. And now as the opening of school year 2020 near to come I still don't know if I can continue my studies since I don't have scholarship anymore that will help me financially. I am not young anymore to just chill and relax now that life was so different from the way before.

After reading the gospel Matthew there are three verses that enlighten me from the situation I am right now. First is from sixth chapter verse thirty-four telling me to Pray more and worry less that made me realize He has a better plan for me so I should trust Him and pray. The day will come I will become successful in life where I can already provide everything for my family. Second is from chapter eleven verse twenty-eight that sees Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest. This verse tell me to take a break from all the things that made me worry so I should come to him because He will gave me peace. And third is from chapter twenty-eight verse twenty that sees I will be with you always even with the end of the world this made me strong because even the important person in my life are already gone I believe they are still with me and God will always still out there even if the world was ending.

Those things Ive experience made my gospel reading become memorable because I able to appreciate every single word I read and it deeply leave a great mark in my heart. The holy words of God that present in the gospel made me realize that all of this are just an obstacle and it will make me become stronger to face greater challenges in life. Also Ive realize that life is not always what I wanted it to be. Ive experience a lot of difficulties in my life that challenge me as a person and as a follower of Christ but all those happened for a reason. I know coping with difficulties is never easy but knowing that His with me I believe I can overcome challenges.

Ps: I made this reflection last last month. I'm already enrolled and doing great 😊 I hope you are all good. Keep safe and take care everyone 😊💖 Spread love 💕😘 God bless us all 😇🙏

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3 years ago