You don't have to follow the crowd

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Good day guys, how are you doing today? I trust that you're doing great. I also hope you had a great week. Let's quickly review yesterday's article.

Emotions are two-sided, it can be either good or bad, and there are times that you have it take control even if it is for a little time. It depends on what you’re acting on your emotions for, and the outcome of that action. Acting on your emotions can be very bad especially when it concerns something that is really important, or something that has very significant consequences. For example, spending of money, you will want to make sure what you spend your money in the right way after careful deliberation instead of just acting by your emotions otherwise, it might be counted as waste.

Most of the times, acting on your emotions always leads to the negative side. One example we can relate with is acting on the emotion anger. Anger is a very common emotion among humans especially the immature ones. Therefore,we can say that we've seen cases where people act on it. Acting on anger does not only mean that you yell at someone or fight them. It can also come in the form of bringing up an issue that had occured before that got you angry, and using it against the person or another person.

So many reasons can cause you to act on your emotions. It can be because of the accumulation of emotion like anger or sadness that you feel inside over a long period of time, that you want to release out. Your emotions can also be positive too, it can make you feel motivated and inspired. In times when your your emotions are positive, they'll help to keep you happy and motivated.

The world we live in today is a way where sometimes you have to make quick decisions, it'll become very necessary to only make decisions that are deliberate instead of acting based on your emotions because those decisions might lead to more serious problems if not deliberately taken.

People are all too often controlled by their emotions, that is why it's important to learn to control yourself. The more important the decision, the more important the decision making process should taken.

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When you're not like everybody else. When you don’t think like everybody else and don’t do things like everybody else, it will always be met with a similar reaction, “Oh no, he’s different.”

People don’t see the need to try something that is unfamiliar to them, even if it really works.

Society has pushed the idea that you should do the same things as other people and have the same dreams, hopes and aspirations and follow the same path that most people do. Even if it doesn’t work for you.

But what if it doesn’t work for you?

What if you are meant to be different?

What if you can be better than everyone else at what you do?

You don’t have to follow the crowd, or do what everyone else is doing. You can reconsider your choices and choose what’s right for you without suffering any judgment.

Most people do what they do because they see others doing it. They accept that this is the way things are done. They believe that when they don’t fit in, they aren’t being themselves. But this isn’t true, you love yourself more when you don’t look for yourself in others and try to seek acceptance.

When you follow your own path it’s easier to get back on if you get knocked off, because people will try to knock you off, even if you are working on your own terms. If you aren’t in harmony with others, then it’s likely that you are working outside of their consensus and their comfort zone, both of which will make people want to knock you down until you settle in line with them.

They say the path is the goal, but you don’t have to follow the crowd. You can walk your own path and achieve even more than what people who did what their told told you they’ve achieved.

If you are going to take on the world and its challenges you will meet obstacles, some small and some large. You’re not alone in the world. So instead of comparing yourself to others, understand that everybody has their own journey.

Nobody wants to be a follower, but most people are. You don’t have to follow the crowd, you can follow your own path.

If you are passionate about something, do it. Don’t do what everyone else is doing and risk being like everyone else.

You don’t need anybody to tell you who you are. Because the only person you can judge is yourself.

When you follow your own path it’s easier to get back on if you get knocked off, because people will try to knock you off, even if you are working on your own terms.

I am not going to tell you what your passion is, but I will say that it is there somewhere. Find it and pursue it. If someone tries to tell you that you shouldn’t because it would be “more logical” or “safer,” take a step back and realize that this logic is not true for everyone.

There are no shortcuts or canned formulas for success. Go ahead, march to your own tune.

Thanks for reading through. I hope loved it.

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1 year ago


That's one thing i will never do. Follow the public in doing something and you'll end up blaming yourself.

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1 year ago

Yes we should follow our own path and not just doing or taking that others do or say because each one of us is different we shouldn't compare ourselves to other people because we all have different strengths and weakness

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1 year ago

I have seen people who keeps on saying that they want to do this and do that, and to my surprise they still keep saying the same things after few years, despite having all the resources available to them, they still follow the crowd and decide to stay at the place where they are.

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1 year ago

Choices like following the crowd will create some friction in the community because the crowd dislikes those striving to rise above it, and, therefore, will try to bring you down. Never allow such crowd effort to affect you. Never react negatively when you're faced with jealous or aggressive remarks, or even when you're laughed at.

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1 year ago

This is very profound

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1 year ago