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Sound health matters

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1 month ago

Hello guys, how are you doing today? I trust that you're having a great day.

I'm sorry I've been unable to read any article for a while now. I also have not been able to write any article.

Yesterday, I realized how important sound health is. You won't really appreciate sound health until you fall sick. Nobody prays to fall sick but if you don't monitor your body, one day you'll fall sick.

I was down with fever yesterday. I was having aches all over my body including my head and my joints. It was a very bad experience. I was grounded to the bed. I couldn't do anything tangible yesterday. I couldn't sit, even while on the bed, I still felt serious pains all over.

Although, I'm already on medications, and I'm feeling better, I don't ever wish to fall sick again. I couldn't eat as I should yesterday, every food was just bitter. I was surprised at myself that I couldn't eat. It was unlike me, although I'm not a foodie but it was unlike me not to eat.

Yesterday, I understood that you really can't explain how someone feels except you're put in that condition also. There are times when we'll feel like sick people are just exaggerating, it's not as they portray it to be. Well, yesterday I knew that it is possible to be weak and be in pains. That is why I can't wish sickness for anyone at all even my enemy.

Yesterday's experience taught me some lessons, and I'll be sharing them with you. But before I do that, I'll like to thank some special people here: Special thanks to my sponsors both old and the ones planning to, subscribers both old and those that will subscribe now, also thanks to those who thumbs up and comment on my post, I really appreciate all of you, I do not take it for granted.

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The first lesson I learnt is the importance of rest. Really? Yes, really. Rest is an integral part of a human life. No person can survive without rest. We have created in a way that rest is one of our daily activities. Rest is an activity because you must put yourself to either do it or not. So many people work for days without a set time for rest.

I know we all want to be rich and successful, and that it takes hardwork to achieve that. But if you're not careful, you'll be successful, but the time you're supposed to use in enjoying your wealth, you'll be using it to hop from hospital to hospital because you've exposed your body to consistent work and pain without rest. As much as, it is not good to be lazy, having time for rest doesn't tag you as an unserious fellow.

You deserve rest and should get rest. Everything in this has limit to how long it can last. Now if your body was designed to live for 80 years, what determines whether you'll stay till 80 is if your body can still stay and if 6ou take care of your body.

One observation I had concerning rest is that, it's not only physical work that should make you have rest. You can overwork yourself mentally and this is a common one. You find yourself working everyday of the week without setting a time out for rest. Also, you can sleep with your brain still working. That also is wrong. When you rest, make sure every part of you is resting too.

Second lesson learnt is about you monitoring your body. Before the body breaks down fully, it gives signs that make you know that your body is getting overworked. When you get these signals, do not ignore them. Quickly visit the doctor to prescribe medication for you, because it'll be better then than when you body breaks down entirely.

I ignored those signs multiple times, that is why when it finally came, I couldn't even stand or sit because my body had reached the limit, that it couldn't even bear any more stress again.

Third lesson is the importance of exercise. I was one of the people that downplay exercise. But with just happened I'll never joke with exercise. Even if it's a 30 minutes walk, try to engage in some form of exercise so that your body won't be dormant.

I think these are the lessons for now. Have a nice day. Thanks and God be with you. Amen

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Written by   107
1 month ago
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Truly we need to take good care of your health because without life there’s nothing like living… all what you said is correct and I appreciate your efforts to put this together..

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1 month ago

Owww that's sad to hear.. Mine also is in painful because of the vaccine. I am not feeling well :( but as long as i can, i will read and continue to comment of any articles that will pop up on ny notifications.

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1 month ago

It is well. You're strengthened by God through Jesus Christ. Amen

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1 month ago