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Control your tongue

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1 month ago

Good afternoon readstars, I hope your day is going well. We're heading to the end of this week.

The tongue is a part of the body that seems small but sometimes we loose control of it.

I'll be correct to say that most of us struggle with our mouth that is our tongues.

The tongue is one of the hardest part of our body to control. It lies in either that we talk too much or we speak negative words when you do speak. Some of us even cuss a lot.

Someone said words are like egg, that is when it's spoken cannot be picked back. A little moment of careless usage of the tongue can cause problems for us and even others coming after us.

There are so many powerful lessons to be learnt about controlling our tongues.

A song writer called George Jones wrote in his song:

“You can’t do wrong and get by, no matter how much you may try Nothing hidden can be, everything he doth see, you can’t do wrong and get by.”

The principle of cause and effect also known as karma has and will always be a reality. The bible says that those that sow to the wind, always reap the whirlwind, which further shows the law of sowing and reaping. We sometimes attract problems to ourselves by our words.

History is filled with stories of people who have brought problems, calamities and other evil upon themselves and others around them because of their wrong use of the tongue. The Bible is also filled with different individuals who have attracted and brought curses, problems and punishments to themselves all through the mismanagement of their tongue. One example are the children of Israel that spent 40 years in the wilderness on their journey to the promised land instead of 40 days because of their uncultured and mismanaged tongue.

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Another example was the careless words spoken by Korah and 250 men of Israel who were swallowed up by the earth as the consequence of their mismanaged tongue. (Numbers 26:10).

Also Michal that was David’s wife, remained barren all through her life because she used her tongue wrongly at David after David just finished praising God.

People who talk too much are much likely to speak nonsense. I said this because, people who talk too much always want to talk and want to be heard even in situations where they have nothing relevant to offer, because of the urge to be heard, they most likely start saying irrelevant things. It is easy for people to loose respect for talkative. Personally, I dislike and dissociate from a talkative person because they can't be trusted with confidential information, because of the urge to talk, they won't know when they start leaking very confidential matters to the public. They're very dangerous fellows.

The other set of people are the negative talkers, these ones have little or nothing positive to talk about. It's a pity to say that they're carriers if bad news because they most times confess them even before they come. They most times do not see the good in circumstances, all that comes to them is negative. This kind of people also do not have the the right perspective about both others and themselves. This is not good because you become what you confess about yourself. If you're in this category, you must from this moment start to see the good in things, it starts with something little like, 'what a beautiful door' or 'what a beautiful key' and gradually you notice that you're becoming a positive person.


You must have a new mindset to things. Learn to see the good in others, learn to confess positive words. Then you'll see the changes in your life.

My question is, how do you cope with talkative? How do you cut off from them? Tell me in the comments section.


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Written by   69
1 month ago
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Tongue is one the most powerful tool that can be used easily destroy and use to help life it all depends on how it is been use. Let use our tongues well.

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1 month ago

Yes sir. Let's learn control our tongue

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1 month ago

Despite how small the tongue is, it is very powerful to destroy a whole nation. We need to be careful with words that comes from our tongue so as not to cause a problem for our life and our coming generation

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1 month ago

This is so true sir gaftek

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1 month ago