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Am I trustworthy

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1 month ago
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Good morning guys. How are you doing today? Another Wednesday again. The week is coming to a close very soon as well as the month. I'm not too excited because every day thay passes is you getting older.

Yesterday I wrote on being nice to people, whether we know them or not. I wrote about how you can be a source of encouragement to anybody you meet. It'll be great if everyone of us shows love to another person we come in contact with. Being nice is very good but I'll be writing on another important thing today, which I centered around being trustworthy.

Being trustworthy and loyal are words that seem to have same meaning. They can be used interchangeably although not in all cases,but in some, it can be used. I'll say that a loyal person is trustworthy but a trustworthy person might not be loyal. You see that they can be used interchangeably but not in all cases. You can trust someone but this does not necessarily mean the person is loyal to you. Some people are just trustworthy because it helps them too.

We see different quotes everywhere on trustworthiness and loyalty. Everyone is there saying things like when you find a trustworthy person, never let them go. I'll say that finding a trustworthy person is not that difficult. People tend to act trustworthy as long as they have what to benefit.

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Back to whether it's hard to find a trustworthy person. I said that it isn't hard. You can get one as long as they have to benefit. But in finding a trustworthy person, why not ask yourself the question ' am I also a trustworthy person' , 'can I be trusted'.

The truth is that you cannot attract who you're not. If you really want a trustworthy person, you too nee to be a trustworthy person first. Take a look at the past conversations, friendships, partnership you've had before, you'll be able to know whether you're trustworthy or not.

If you've not been trustworthy to other people, it won't be easy for you to get people that are trustworthy around you because even if you get one, your heart will not allow you trust them as expected because since you've not been trustworthy, you'll think they're just disguising. Although some are actually disguising. Some are not genuinely trustworthy, they only do it for their benefits.

Let me share a story with you; There was a man that set up a business in his city but got the opportunity to go to another country that he had been desiring to go. He handed over the management of the business both the finances and staff to the man who's like next to him in the business. There was agreements that the manager will be sending reports of the business monthly and the profits made. The manager did this, he was sending reports to the owner. He had even made enough gain that replaced the money the owner used to setup the business.

Unknown to the owner was that the manager had a different plan. The owner stopped receiving reports after about a year. He was surprised but he thought it could be a little glitch. He didn't know the manager had done wonders without his consent. What did the manager do? He had sold the company to another person. Who was this other person? The manager was the other person. You're surprised right. He changed the name of the company, got new legal papers for the company.

After about 3 months, the owner decided to come back to his city in order to visit the company and see what the problem was that reports had stopped coming to him. To his surprise, when he visited the company, he saw a new name on the company. He asked to see the manager. The manager asked that he should not be allowed to come into his office. When he finally got the opportunity to, he was so disappointed to see that he had trusted the wrong person.

What an unfortunate incident right. This story is not to make you think that no one is trustworthy. Rather, it's to make you know that people sometimes are only trustworthy when they have something to benefit. We could see that he made profit and even helped the owner regain the capital because he had another aim in mind.

There are still trustworthy people outside there. You can start by making yourself one, then you pray and trust God to send trustworthy people your way. Also pray for the ability to recognize genuine and trustworthy people.

That's it for today. Thanks for reading through. Bye for now and till tomorrow by God's grace. Have a nice day.

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Written by   98
1 month ago
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This article reminded me of the SK Chairman in our barangay.. If something that it is necessary to have signature she usually copied the signatures to the other sk, and then many of her members disappointed to her because instead of helping and gaved their shares, she stole the money that it is not for her and pay all her expenses.

Im new here :) GODSPEED

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1 month ago

That's very bad. Such a pity. You're welcome to readcash

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1 month ago

Yeah, I believe this worlds, disguising as a trustworthy person just to attract favour and close up. A guy in our church, my co worker did something like this, he was the account head and was so loyal and trustworthy. All financial papers were with him. One day, he codedly took the already signed cheque to withdraw money from church account to his account. He was caught, what came out from our boss's mouth was, "I trusted you"

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1 month ago

Wow. He had the mind to steal the church's money. A very dangerous thing. Even if, he was not caught. He has brought a curse on himself already

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1 month ago