My fantasies!

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2 years ago

My thoughts my solace

all this years, my sole companion

my comfort in times of fear and loneliness

a surreal hiding place where I can explore the recess of my mind.


A safe heaven where fantasies come to life.

A dreamland where I want live

Not forevermore but in time for a get-away

Away from life’s demands and scary commitments

Lo! You, provided comfort that no one else can…

Not even the kids…

A comfort where I can safely embrace my whole being

Without judgment and prejudice


Where my soul can rest and my mind can wander

In an arms where embrace is full and true

That my tears can come out and flood the rivers of my cries.

Oh! how epic it would be as it overflows…


Overflows down the raging flood of cries

Where it never overflows outside the realm I lived.

How refreshing that would be…

Like fresh new eyes that sees the new horizons!

New horizons that knocks our doors once in a while…

While a striking blue moons smiles at night!

Oh! how nice is the view to enjoy by the few

In a lovely evening I spend with you!


Oh! how long I want to stay but…

A compelling odyssey, a must to return

For you only live within the recess of my mind

The thoughts that allows the soul to wander…

Dissolve in the illusion of no tomorrow

But will be awaken by the light of the morrow!

Lo! How disheartening it is stop the mawning

Like an everlasting yawning and daunting!


Alas! The dot is near…

Taunting the soul out from the mear…

Dragging it back to the realm…

Where ever thing is bright and clear!

April 14, 2022
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2 years ago


This story is like fiction or stories for the children. It is well redacted.

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