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Today is another day to start another month. I am satisfied with May because I became ardent and able to make good articles diligently. I have a rising number of subscriptions but at the end of the month, 1 unsubscribed. I don’t know what happened to unsubscribed, an article I wrote mayhaps been the cause but I am glad to reach such numbers – 59. For the 59 left, ahhh! Thank you and may we continue the journey together and grow.

Refreshing lemons

Lemons! Lemonade, anyone? Ever since the pandemic, I have been a fan of making lemonade to enhance/boost immunity because of the fear of COVID 19 will one day strike my household. We have a natural inclination towards respiratory diseases so I was trying to be proactive and preventive at the same time.

Why lemons?

1.       Frugal. Lemons can be nice and refreshing, and very frugal compared to the locally produced “kalamansi”. One fruit can make several liters of refreshing lemonade drinks while kalamansi takes several to make one liter. Lemons don’t ripe easily and can last about 2 weeks with local temp because I don’t a chiller to store it while kalamansi ripens at the end of the week or as early as 3rd day which is not very frugal for me!

2.       Flavor enhancer. All it takes is just a drop or two depending on how much is prepared. While I only cook for 3, so all I need is just a drop or two. Not too much, it’ll cause a bitter taste.

3.       Clears the skin. I am suffering from wound scarring and it’s horrible. I have developed contact dermatitis to the point it's scarring bad because I don’t heal well due to poor health. Dark, dark spots that are horrible to look at. Been applying it and the results are quite amazing. The darkness improves perhaps I can now wear shorts at the office during dress-down days this month!

4.       Soothe hair and scalp. While my lower body develops dermatitis, my head is scalping! To soothe I apply it directly to hair and it's irritating but the results are good.

5.       Appetite suppression. Struggling with weight management, this is actually a very good help to me. How? The lemonades I make or just take one slice and put it in a liter of water to drink.

6.       Detox. It’s a good detoxification agent that I use altogether with parsley. If I remembered it, I get to do this with coffee, instant or brewed. This is also good for weight reduction as proven but not as effective because of my inconsistency.

7.       Vitamin C. One of the main essence but it's loaded with other medical benefits:

a.       Prevents strokes

b.      Cancer

c.       Increase iron absorption

d.      Lower blood pressure

e.      Stroke prevention

f.        Prevents scurvy

g.       Prevents/regulates asthma

Well, this is just it, and love to add more! Oh! Oh! I have to say that I’m growing one in my mini garden and it's thriving, looking forward to a good harvest in the future. The plant too is quite beneficial as it freshens the atmosphere. Like the peeled covering, it can be used as a deodorizer, good mosquito repellent, and resilient to dryness, so forgetting to water it for a day or two doesn’t kill it.

Another article together, hopefully, this is a good read for everyone! Keep safe and God bless!

June 1, 2022
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Many meals could be prepared with leamons these days and especially healthy ones.

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