Eggs diet, culprit?

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It’s Friday, a definite "flyday"... Off, off to the weekends! Yet, barely over the hypertensive episodes. 4 days, I didn’t eat regular meals for fear of the dizziness that is followed by vomiting. But I ended up spending the weekend on the hospital.


Hardly… Couldn’t think of anything that would spark the hypertensive crisis at this age! OMG! To think, the arteries and veins are already thin, it’s even thinner these days due to atherosclerosis?! Oh no!

Losing weight always points out to eat “an egg”, as they say it’s effective. Whether it be on the internet or in person, - usually friends. Unfortunately, egg is never part of the diet until recently due to the intent of "losing weight". And has several things to offer: 1. it’s very convenient to cook, and 2. versatility as it can be boiled, fried, baked and scramble it – awesome! Hahaha! Awesome to health too!? Nah, let's lay it down first.

Then search, “healthy cholesterol” and egg is seemingly not in the list indicated but promoted as good diet for “weight loss”. But certainly is a contributor to cholesterol level, the saturated ones that in overtime will get collected in the blood and end up like mine – atherosclerosis.

Google says “Atherosclerosis is the buildup of fats, cholesterol and other substances in and on your artery walls. This buildup is called plaque. The plaque can cause your arteries to narrow, blocking blood flow. The plaque can also burst, leading to a blood clot.

The Health Benefits of Eggs… “Eggs Improve Levels of “Good” Cholesterol”, but the fact remains that egg is still under “Saturated Fat” because it’s "animal-based food".

Genetics will have a claim to this but diet hasn’t been bad and hasn’t really abused until… While physical activity really has declined due to relocation and too relaxed, I guess being a sloth is truly a sin – being part of the seven capital sin. And a glutton as well, a sucker of delicious meals that’s high in saturated fats. But unlike “PRIDE”, these two can be addressed easily and be measured through the weighing scale, Blood counts with LIPID profile together with blood sugar count. Indication that you have too much of a good thing going on your body, that I find to be awesome because these are qualitative indications. And boils down to a choice of addressing it or suffer and kill yourself later.


Hmmm… Getting a thorough facts on internet research really made things convenient but can be confusing too… Facts that can be life-saving or threatening or an instant killer! Which in this case, left bound to believe otherwise because there are many articles that support that egg promotes “good cholesterol” but another contains that it’s under saturated fats. So which is which?

All in all, one has to be vigilant and retrospective because anything that contains “egg” as ingredient like cakes, bread, pastries and the likes are part of the list of foods high in saturated fats. It’s like “reading in between lines” so to speak! Not directly attributed but implicated. And "egg" is recently been part of our diet together with red meat. Surely, it has great contribution considering it's such a very short notice!

This is one of the most interesting facts I have discovered with contradictions but it's safer to assume the worst despite, so I deem it necessary to avoid "egg" on our diet as we have inclination to heart diseases due to genetics. Better safe than sorry! I still want to see the sun shines tomorrow and the day after, -years after!

Not that I entirely blame it on "eggs" but this has been the most recent diet we had - a prevailing one. I am part of the culprit too, so a combination of both wouldn't hurt if I were to survive this crisis.

Thank you for the read, -Happy week to you all!

July 20, 2022
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Egg can cause high cholesterol level it is proved dear sister. To lessen our weight we should eat it without yolk because it contains high level of cholesterol.

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