1st Anniversary -My Memory of you!

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2 years ago
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You went away to a place safer…

More abundantly than what you had...

2 years you in bed, found the things you were looking for?

In vain? Ahhh!

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About 40 years we were together,

Not a day gone by was forgotten…

Every day was a struggle we fought together

And nothing in the world we couldn’t conquer!


Day by day your health slip away…

But you continued anyway!

Endured that has become endearing…

For many who lived to enjoy the rearing…


A fairy tale you simply hoped for,

Turned out to be what you never dreamt of.

Loved deeply and immensely,

A love so true that lasted more than 40 years.


You bore us 5 of us…

With a boy in the middle but still, was a princess!

Helped them shape the vision of us…

For tomorrow was at hand, -endless!


Lived simply and humbly

Thru frugality, we all head on fiercely.

Not a day gone by,

We fought all demons by and by…


One horror came after another,

Conquered without further ado!

Timidity due to depression

But feisty in the midst of trouble.


Hmmm… mama!

A strength you never thought you had!

A will so strong, that we still stroll

Osmena boulevard, haemoglobin @ 4.


Found your faith, reinforced your beliefs

Strongly stood your ground, and found yourself once again

Arrogantly sought perfection

Only to turn away their affection.


Them, you so care and need

Fear of perfection

Sought perfection in their deed

Drove them away

All you needed was…

A kind heart full of understanding and patience

For loosing yourself all those years

Was hard to define.


Of all I stayed,

Not because I was perfect

I chose to stay,

Didn’t have the heart to go


Especially when we went to the big city

No one was there and be with you when you cry

You have no one when fear cripples you

No one was there when you need to talk


Lingered on because…

All the reasons in the world,

You easily cry

but stubborn at heart


You hide while Im upfront fighting your battles

Especially the ones that triggers your fears

A shield you used,

To face your horrors and demons


I’m glad…

All those years.

I was by your side

And never left.


We only parted when you chose to be with them

And believed them with their lies

I wasn’t hurt but

Hesitant, if they can truly take care of you.


But all that is gone now.

You showed me your place

A mansion you dreamt of

And peace from your fears and demons


No more battles to stand for

No more pain

No more worries

Only peace.

I cry looking back, all the pain and sorrow you’ve gone thru

ahhh! the weird jokes, pranks, laughs we sought thru

Now, you rest

For you now lay at solace at last!

–Love you ma!

Feb 23, 2022

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2 years ago
Topics: Freewriting


I am so sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace.

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2 years ago

Truly mothers would be verily missed once they are gone to safer place. Im sorry for your loss

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2 years ago

Commemorating.... 1st yr death Anniversary...

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2 years ago