Weapons from the past

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Recently, during a walk through the most tourist-attractive park of my city, Kalemegdan, I stopped by a special spot where there is an open display of weapons of the Belgrade Military Museum. My impressions inspired me to write about it on Hive. I love traces of history and there are many in this park.

But I don't like weapons. Every time I see a weapon I don't feel comfortable and I wonder why people have developed a need to start making them in the past. Was it so difficult to live in peace? It seems that it was, because even today, after so many years of human development and progress, the destructive side of nature still exists and weapons are unfortunately still used.

The Military Museum in Belgrade is one of the symbols of the Belgrade fortress and is located within it.

The building in which the museum is located today was built at the beginning of the 20th century by a Russian architect who combined elements of Russian and medieval architecture, so it fits perfectly into the ambience of the Belgrade Fortress. It was used as a military geography institute and was later turned into a museum where various items from Serbian military history are kept.

I have never entered that building because I do not feel comfortable facing the tragic history of human suffering during military operations. But I have seen the outdoor setting of museum many times and today I will share the photos with you too as I did on Hive.

In this place, in the vicinity of the museum, many heavy artillery weapons that were used in the turbulent wartime past of my country are exhibited.

There are various types of cannons, mostly Italian and Polish.

There are also some fairly old examples of cannons.

Seeing the environment from their perspective is a bit frightening. 😊

Some of them are huge like the "long, heavy cannon" in the photo below.

And there are also anti-tank cannons.

In addition to cannons, there are also tanks. Lots of tanks of different models with strong destructive power.

There are American tanks.

German tanks, extremely destructive.

As well as Italian tanks.

I noticed that each of them was made in a different style, as is the case with cars today. 😊 When you see the car style of the country in which it was made, it is always recognizable.

It's always fun for the kids when they come here because they love to climb on the tanks even though it's forbidden. I don't allow my son to climb, but many parents do.

At this place, you can also see the anti-aircraft missile system.

Rocket launchers.

The prow of a warship called "Serbia".

Ship's torpedo.

And other naval weapons.

I was particularly intrigued by the German underwater mine.

If weapons once seemed so devastating, I can't even imagine what we have at our disposal today. That is a frightening fact. I would love if this exhibition were just a part of the past and if the world were a place of peace today. Wars have never brought anything good and every war is already lost at the beginning, but it seems that some generations after us will be able to learn that, because unfortunately we are still part of the war past. I hope that will change.

Thank you very much for reading.

The images and the article are original and mine.

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As always ,to created an amazing blogs my friend😍😍😍 Stay safe on your travels and God bless youπŸ₯°

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1 year ago

Those old weapons are more than just a display because it has a story to tell. I hope that it will be preserved for future generations to see it also.

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1 year ago