My perfect spa weekend in Laško, Slovenia

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2 years ago

Hello everyone. Before I start writing about my amazing weekend experience, I would like to ask you a question. When was the last time you pampered yourself? If you can't remember, it's time to do it urgently. And if you remember, it's time to do it again. 😊

When I went to Laško, a beautiful spa town in Slovenia, I did not believe that I would pamper myself so much there. I just wanted to have a good time with my son, mom, and sister, to walk and visit a town I had never been to before, rest far away from home and make my son happy because he could hardly wait to travel to another country.

When we arrived, my son was delighted with the hotel and the river that flows next to the hotel. The hotel Thermana is very nice and clean and everyone was very kind and welcomed us nicely.

It is a thermal hotel with pools of hot, thermal water, which is very beneficial for health.

There are a lot of pools there. Almost all pools have high-pressure jets of water to massage your skin and stimulate your circulation. There are also swimming pools for children where they can enjoy water games so the pleasure is mutual, for both children and parents. There is even a baby pool.

My son was most thrilled with the slide that we went down together. A little adrenaline made our days in this place more exciting.

I have to admit that I loved the jacuzzi the most. There are three jacuzzis and each has a different type of hydromassage. I tried them all of course and it was hard for me to leave that place. 😊

During the hydromassage, you adjust your body the way you like best. Every part of your body then says "thank you". 😊 I liked massaging my back the most, I could have done it for hours if my son hadn't interrupted me and wanted to take him through the pools to swim together.

The pools are covered with a large glass roof that is semi-open, so while swimming in the water you can look at the sky and enjoy the perfect natural green environment.

From indoor pools, you can go outside because there are also outdoor pools. It was very warm weather so we enjoyed bathing under the sun as well.

When you are in the water all day, you get very hungry and the food at the hotel was very tasty. I liked the seafood in a jar the most as well as the different types of cheese.

Slovenia is known for quality dairy products and delicious sausages. Also, very good natural honey is produced in Laško, and the most delicious cake I tried there is "Laška medenka", made of honey and walnuts.

But what Laško is most famous for is its beer. Very good beer "Laško" is produced here.

And it goes especially well with a delicious burger that you can eat here.

There is also a monument to the Laško King of Beer in the town.

The town is very quiet and peaceful and the Slovenian people are very kind and polite. They speak quietly. Parents do not shout at their children, which is not the case in my country. 😊 Everyone greets each other on the street with a smile. I had the impression that only my voice could be heard and that I was too loud. And I am considered a quiet person. 😊

I would like to live in a country like this where peace is felt because in my country everything is too tense. I wanted the weekend to last as long as possible to get all that tension out of me.

I liked the blend of urban and nature here. The town has supermarkets, cafes, and restaurants, and around it are forests and beautiful nature.

I’m used to vacation spots where I’m overwhelmed with children’s and other content. Luckily in this town, there are no such little things that take your money every step of the way. A vacation without that pressure was a great change. It was a pleasure to be in this unpretentious town.

What was most fascinating was being in an urban environment at one point and in stunning nature at another.

My mom picked a variety of tea plants and we also found wild strawberries on the path in the woods by the river across from the hotel where we stayed.

Above the town is the Tabor fortress with an amazing view of the entire town.

I liked that all the houses are in a row, everything is nicely decorated, and the yards are beautiful and well maintained. Take a look at some beautiful details from the surrounding yards.

Unfortunately, everything that is beautiful is short-lived. The weekend was over and we had to head home. Now, three days after I returned, my skin is still soft due to the spa treatment and my body is rested and full of energy.

I hope I motivated you to pamper yourself. It is never out of the question and don't put it off, do it as soon as possible. 😊

Thank you very much for reading.

The images and article are original and mine.

Greetings to all wonderful readers and writers and my sponsors who support me. Thank you very much!


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2 years ago


I envy you. take me there too. I was like mesmerized. a very nice place. the worst part is that i will never see it

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2 years ago

Ohhh what a weekend! Really a lovely place where to feel relaxed, you know how pamper yourself well jeje I need something like this these days... that honey dessert too. And not to think! Nice photos, it's clear you felt very relaxed and happy.

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2 years ago

Weekend is all time favourite and if that is about visiting another country then it is just an wonderful dream to me. Well the place you have visited has got really wonderful rides that I have never got chance to ride on and the pools experience of your seems just wow to me!

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2 years ago

And a beautiful way to see you enjoying your life. Loved it and some how I'm jealous!

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2 years ago

Wow, what a great time you had. I loved everything, the jacussi, the slide, the nature, the meals and your bike is very nice. and you are beautiful hahaha.

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2 years ago