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Happiness is the most positive feeling. Sometimes we are trying to find it, but it is right here, with us and inside us. We just need to understand and listen to ourselves better. All answers are usually inside us and we don't need a questions. We will find out everything what we need to know in order to be happy, if we just listen to ourselves and believe in ourselves.

There are also people in our life, who really believe in us, who understand us and who are always there for us. We need to appreciate them, because they can wake up happiness inside us. Their love usually make us happy but sometimes we realize that when is too late and when we lose them.

Happiness is our ability to accept everything what is happening to us. We should always be grateful if we want to be happy. We can achieve this positive feeling only if we believe that we are living the life we wanted. If we are not satsfied, we should always try to find some new opportunities to make better life conditions for ourselves. We must be happy for ourselves but also for other people.

At the end, we need to take care of ourselves because nobody will do that instead of us. Sometimes we are happy but we are not able to recognize our happiness. We are always looking for more and we don't realize that actually we are happy.

One of my poems "Open the door" , which is written many years ago, speaks a lot about happiness. I will share it with you. The poem was written in my native language, so the English translation isn't very successful and it reduced the quality of the poem, but you will understand the point and that is the only thing that matters.

Open the door.

Happiness is knocking right now.

That is really happening,

even if you don't know how.

Someone is waiting for you.

Someone just wants to see you.

Without reason,

without sense,

without order,

someone would like to hear you.

Someone still believe

in you.

Without intentions,

without questions

someone just wants to hear your silence,

your talking,

your laughing.

And today you are someone's victory.

Today happiness is knocking.

So let happiness come in.

Recognize its face.

Give your hand.

Here and now.

Don’t leave it in front of the door to wait

some new,

missed opportunity.

Open the door.

This article is original. Poem and photos belong to me.

Thank you for reading.

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2 years ago


It's so painfully true that we get used to many things that makes us who we are and makes our life meaningful. We don't appreciate something until we lose it.

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2 years ago

Ahhhh it's so nice to have happiness with us. I love your poem. Hayst i remember we need to make our own Poem about Rizal's life. How I wished I am good as you

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2 years ago