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There is a lot of ways to collect Bitcoin Cash. As a beginner, I need to do some research to earn enough of it to reach my goal.

Today, I will share my ways how I collect Bitcoin Cash. I am not a professional and don't take this article as a financial advice. All the information in this article is based on my experience.

I am Jeju, I am a beginner in crypto world and I'm in love with bitcoin cash since I knew it. I read a lot of articles here before about Bitcoin Cash Adoption, Goals, Awareness and more.

I was motivated to write this article because my friend told me that I can earn Bitcoin Cash here. Frankly speaking, I am here to earn Bitcoin Cash and what I'm going to do with it is to save it in the future. I share Bitcoin Cash as well on my friends but unfortunately they are interested.


I was collecting Bitcoin Cash before on faucets over the internet. I've been in Coinpot before and sad to say that they stopped operating now. I've been in different faucets as well but I can only earn a small amount of Bitcoin Cash with those faucets.

All you need to do is just visit the site and solve that captcha and your done. It doesn't require a lot of work and it's very easy to use. You will not earn a decent amount of Bitcoin Cash unless you referred some to that site and start collecting as well.

It's hard to convince someone to try those faucets because it rewards you on the minimum.


This is one of my favorite site to earn Bitcoin Cash. Someone told me about this last February and I was addicted to it on my first week. They are posting a lot of stuffs but most of them is not about Bitcoin Cash.

I used to post about photography in noise.cash. After a couple of weeks, I met some friends that are sharing information about Bitcoin Cash. They told me to save my Bitcoin Cash for the future. they said it will boom after this year or more and I can have more value with it than now.


One of the coolest site where you can meet a lot of people that are interested in Bitcoin Cash. So if you are looking for a place where you can learn about Bitcoin Cash and read some news about it, this is the place I go to check what's new.

I am just chilling with the site. Reading and commenting on other post and sometimes I post too. I never knew that you can earn Bitcoin Cash with Reddit too. Someone tipped me using chaintip and I was confused at first. All you need to do is to message the bot and reply with your Bitcoin Cash receiving address.

After receiving a tipped from Reddit, I decided to make some research where you can also earn a huge amount of Bitcoin Cash by doing some micro task or spreading Bitcoin Cash. You can also earn if you invite some Merchants to accept Bitcoin Cash as their payment method.


I was able to do some task as well in lazyfox. sometimes the task are just easy as doing your regular sharing stuff on the internet. Some of them requires a lot of effort but it really rewards you the best reward that you can have.

  • Spreading Bitcoin Cash Awareness

  • Making some video about Bitcoin Cash

  • Playing Games

  • Helping other people with their technical problem

More task you can find in this platform and you can just choose the one that interest you.

Twitter (Tipb.ch)

I was able to earn some Bitcoin Cash in twitter few weeks ago with tipb.ch. Unfortunately the Twitter Bitcoin Cash Faucet of tipb.ch has stopped due to abuse of other users.

I saw a post about that they are creating a dummy accounts to earn over and over again in Twitter. They are posting spam content as well and it's not good in Bitcoin Cash Community.

Converting my fiat savings to Bitcoin Cash

This is the most easiest way that I did to collect more Bitcoin Cash by converting my saving in some of my online wallet like (Gcash, Coins.ph, Uphold). I earn some money with this wallet by inviting people to use their application and I receive a decent amount of referral earnings with it.

Instead of stocking my savings, I decided to convert it to Bitcoin Cash. 50% of my money in these wallet is converted to Bitcoin Cash and I transferred it to Bitcoin.com wallet. Since I saw some post about coins.ph wallet is not a real wallet for Bitcoin Cash, I stopped putting most of my earning there.

I'm just using those wallet if I want to withdraw my money to buy some stuff that I need.

Earning some other cryptocurrency and converting it to Bitcoin Cash

I'm not that full time person in cryptocurrency but I still earn some cryptocurrency for free in other website. I usually withdraw them every month and converting it to Bitcoin Cash.

I'm just doing this on my free time so my earnings with other cryptocurrency is not that big.

I did not include read.cash in this list because I haven't earn yet in this site.

There is a lot of ways to earn more Bitcoin Cash and I haven't discover some of them so if you have any suggestion where to earn Bitcoin Cash, you can comment below.

Reasons why I'm collecting Bitcoin Cash

  • Inspired by someone - I was inspired by someone and they told me about Bitcoin Cash and how it can help us in the future.

  • Club1BCH - I want to be part of this club and I want to earn 1 Bitcoin Cash or more before the end of the year. I know it's not that easy as I think but I will not stopped collecting until I reach my goal.

  • Future Currency - I saw a lot of improvements in Bitcoin Cash Community and how people are putting effort in Bitcoin Cash to spread the good news that it brings. Users are getting larger and larger and I'm sure that it will be the best and one and only Currency that can serve as a currency in real life.

Welcome Me

I am new to this site/platform and this is my first article. I am not good in writing because it is not my niche. I work as a part time technician in our small city and I am new in the world of cryptocurrency.

I want to have some friends here who can join me in my journey. let's build a better community for Bitcoin Cash together.

This is not my last post so see you next time.

Links of the sites I mentioned above





All photos in this article are my screenshots. all credits goes to the side of the posted photo. Lead image credit to unsplash.com

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