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The Person of the year still got problems

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6 months ago
Topics: Society, Reality

I am starting this write up with a question?

Is there anybody on earth without problems or challenges?

I can bet your answers would be No!

We can say for sure that only those who are dead are free from the challenges or problems that we face on earth.

The heading of the article says "The person of the year still got problems". Why does he or she and why does it matters to you.

I would start off by telling you what inspired me to write this.

Yesterday I was happy with myself because I finally got to publish an article titled "the two way radio for the mind" (you can click to read, it is just a two minutes read), after more than a week of being unactive. Also I was happy I could interact on other people's articles and I noticed that I have missed a lot during my one week of absence.

Yesterday afternoon after I woke up from my siesta (which was really necessary due to the fact that I slept very late at night) I was sweating profusely.

Dry season has finally arrived after days of constant raining. I remembered how I was complaining about the rains but now there is so much heat and I just wish for it to rain so the weather can be cool.

I had to go and take a bath to cool off, before I started bathing I turned on the music player app on my phone. While I was enjoying the effect of the cool water on my body, my ears were also enjoying the melody that came from the speakers.

I have over 500 music on my phone so I put my player in shuffle mood.

A song titled "Man of the year" by the late musician and rapper Juice Wrld started playing and from it I got the inspiration to write.

The song belongs to the genre of hip-hop and rap and it is one of the songs in his posthumous released album; "legends never die"

In the song Juice Wrld was referring to himself as the man of the year and he talked about his battles with drug issues and self image problems. Part of the lyrics says "man of the year still got problems".

Man of the year meaning and it metaphorical use

Man or person of the year is an award given to an individual by organizations at the end of the year for their outstanding achievement or contribution in a particular sector of life or to humanity as a whole. It is a special recognition towards their effort or achievement they made in that year.

I see the song by Juice Wrld as a reminder for us; that no matter the status or level of greatness one has achieved; People still have problems they battle. Some might be inner demons or an addiction, mental and health challenges, relationship issues and the list goes on.

"Man of the year" is figurative way of telling us that no one is exempted from the troubles of life be it the rich or poor.

Just as the popular adage:

The rich also cry

Most times they cry in secret because a lot of people look up to them as an idol or figure to emulate.

Many battle with chronic depression and many in the end commit suicide due to shyness and not coming out to talk about their personal problems.

Nobody on earth is perfect or lives in perfection.

Many people believe that money can buy happiness, but the facts gathered from rich people, it can be seen that it doesn't.

Money or riches can be a catalyst for some people happiness, but just as different reactions in chemistry requires different catalyst yours might not be money or wealth.

People that surrounds us really matter, because they have a great influence on us. A lot of people's problems arises from their family, relationship partners or friends.

Remember challenges or problems only cease when one is dead so therefore let learn to face our problems squarely and open up to people who can be of help when it matters, DON'T DIE IN SILENCE.

Special thanks to my amazing readers and sponsors. You are the reason why I pick up the pen to write

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Written by   114
6 months ago
Topics: Society, Reality
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I am tempted to say "ME" on your question but then I'd be lying :D You are right, all of us face some issues and challenges in life. How nice that whilst listening to your playlist, you came up with an article :)

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6 months ago