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Words kill

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5 months ago

There are times you feel so betrayed and you can't get out of the pain. It's sad how people can push and pin you in the ground with their actions or worse, with just their words.

Have you ever felt like the most important person in your life who you thought will be holding you tight not to fall into pieces is the one who shattered your soul?

Have you ever felt like being interrogated by someone with something you did that doesn't even concern them? Be questioned by your mistakes that didn't involve them.

Have you ever felt so tired of explaining yourself to something you didn't do? Something that they keep asking you and you're not comfortable with...

Have you ever felt sooo exposed to someone that forced you to tell a story you didn't want to?

Have you ever been insulted by someone so dear to you with things about your past? Have you felt so insulted by the wrong person?

Have you ever felt like giving up to something you cherish more than anything else just because it's starting to hurt as much?

Have you ever forced yourself to forgive someone because you want to stop the pain and still want them to hold you while you cry?

Words kill. Words hurt as much as physical pain. Words can be depressing. Words can't be erased once said. Words can't heal words. Words can crush your soul. Words are as deadly as they can be dearly. Words become thoughts. Words become emotions. Words change how you feel. Words are as powerful as your brain. Words are what you feed your brain. Words are what shows who you are to them. Words are crucial. Words are dangerous.

You can't insult someone, mean it and say sorry when you felt like okay after saying it. You don't crush a soul and act like it was okay because you are also in pain. You don't disrespect a person's dignity just because you think you have the power to. You don't mistreat people and use hurtful words to them just because you can. You don't hurt someone you love with words and expect them to forget everything you said afterwards. You don't hurt others with your words and make them feel so little of themselves. You don't use hurtful words to make yourself feel good. You don't hurt people with words especially those who love you and stood by you in every storm.

These people will be hurt These people will be devastated. These people will be crushed. These people will be depressed. These people will lose their confidence and these people will become broken into pieces.

It's never okay. It will never be. There's no justification and there's no valid reason. They are humans and they will feel. They are humans and they will always carry those words, whether they like it or not.

Be careful, be wise, be sensitive. It's not all about you. You are not alone in this world.

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Written by   379
5 months ago
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