We stayed in an unusual home.

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Yesterday, we went out of town to attend the 84th birthday of one of our family friend. The location is about 3 hours drive from our 1ahometown.

It was our first time, actually, to go to their home. We met because they rented one of my family's property and opened an alfresco typed Korean restaurant. We've been friend since then but never got the chance to visit their hometown until yesterday.

We didn't know anybody else other than those who stay in their restaurant to manage and those people who worked and/or still working there. But we didn't get out of place. They are very accommodating and hospitable.

It was fun. There was a lot of food and drinks. And as of course, there was a lot of singing. Videoke turned on and almost everyone went in for it. Children played with each other and adults enjoyed drinking and singing.

We stayed the night because we came from far away and it's past midnight. We transfered to our friend's house to stay the night because her mother's house is already packed. Their relatives from other provinces stayed the night there.

When we were accompanied to our room, I noticed that her house has a kind of an unusual structure. How do I say this...? Her house has unusual space planning. Or maybe it's just me. LOL. I mean, it's not bad. It's doesn't look bad or anything. I just haven't seen anything like it before in person.

Her spiral stairs are always placed on the right side of the house which I find them quite narrow for a house that big. Which is good in saving space. But not so narrow, though. It fits one person that looks like you're going down the basement every time. For a house that big, I think they could've made it a bit wider like a castle spiral staircase. Anyways, surely she had an architect and all and maybe (as I've said) it's just me. Maybe I'm just too big. LOL.

But I liked the house. It has this 'you-think-you're-out-but-you're-still-inside-the-house' kind of vibe. It's very refreshing and cozy. The interior is uncluttered and very minimalist. Big windows covered by long curtains at night. It gives the feeling of cold breeze coming in the huge windows during summer. But can also give warmth during cold nights. A feeling like a porch is placed inside the house and is turned into a living room.

Then you have the doors..Doors to every bedroom. You have a living room in every 2 bedroom doors. Like they're split into two the north part of the house has two bedrooms and one living room and so does the south part of the house. This is on the 1st and 2nd floor. The kitchen and dining area is on the first floor but has a different hallway.

The basement is turned into a studio type house. And it's so cool. I mean there's kitchen area, dining area, a bathroom and a bed. Our friend said she stays their more than she stays in their master bedroom. She said she likes the cold temperature and the privacy she has when she's staying in the basement.

The rooftop is great to loiter around. It's a great place to hang-out and a great place for parties. It's big and child-proof. The grills make it safe for children and drunk adults. 😅 Unless you open the one with a latch for fire exit purposes, I think. But it's unreachable for little kids.

The house is surrounded with walls you can't climb unless you want to hurt your hand and feet with the broken glasses pinned on top of the wall just incase you get passed the barbwire on top of the wall as well. The gate is as high but it doesn't have the broken glasses and barbwire, though. But they are spikey.

Sure, they have dogs. Our friend said they let them out the cages sometimes and sometimes the dogs stay in the cages. Good thing they're inside when we went there. They have two Dobermans and 2 Chows. Two blocks away is their dog farm which is taken cared of by her brother. It's also one of their family business.

This may not sound all interesting but I still want to share about our 'mini vacation'. We don't go out of town often. So this kinda feels like we're going on vacation. I would like to share pictures but I respect their privacy and I haven't asked her yet about posting the pictures in a blog. I will if she gives consent. Even in Facebook, I haven't posted pictures of her house / property yet because I wanted to ask her first. I did post pur pictures but not her property and I think it's inappropriate for me to just post it without her knowing. I also don't want to post our pictures here as I want to remain as private as well. This platform has been my place of escapism and I want to remain it that way.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed your 'insides' of our vacation.

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