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Amira was so confused. She wondered if Julia was absent when she was yelling at the boys. 'Calm down Julia, you are taking this so serious. weren't you there when I yelled at the boys to let go of me? what has come over you that is making you this weird. I dont understand why you are angry with me now.' Amira said and Julia laughed.

'You dont know why? it because they are making you the talk of the house and you are doing nothing about it.' Julia replied

'talk of the house? how do you mean? julia this is unlike you.'

'it is unlike me because I care about you and I won't allow your image to be destroyed.' Julia said angrily and walked away. Amira could not do anything but look at her as she walked away. Amira could not go back to the cafeteria because she lost her appetite. She went outside and sat under a tree deep in thought of Julia's behaviour earlier. She never expected Julia to act like dat even if she was trying to protect her.

'Have this and forget about earlier.' Michael said beside her as he put a bottle of juice beside her. Amira was not comfortable seeing him.

'Go Michael, I need some privacy, please,' she said.

'do not tell me it is because of what happened earlier. It was not my fault, it was Dennis's.'

'enough of your talk, Michael. I want to be alone. You guys annoyed me.infact what was that rubbish for? please I'm sorry, I need to leave.' Amira interrupted Michael angrily then she stood up and left. Michael sighed angrily.

Amira got to her room and fell on the bed trying to relax her head.

'calm domn, Amira, calm down. That was so harsh of you,' she said to herself as she remembered what she said to Michael.

'He must be angry now. Sorry Michael.' then she remembered Dennis.' Where is that he-goat? is he angry also. I wont dare to go beg him, but why would he be angry? I dont remember offending him,' she said and jumped from her bed as if she was so eager to see Dennis.

'why I'm I so eager to see him?' she said panting then she held a knock on her door, she went and opened it, behold it was Dennis as she opened the door, Dennis dragged her to his room.

As Amira opened the door, Dennis dragged her to his room. He slammed the door quickly and pushed Amira to the door that Amira rested her back on the door, then he moved very close to Amira as if he was a thirsty vampire ready to devour his prey. He also placed one of his hands on the wall beside Amira's head looking straight into her eyes. Amira was so so shocked that she could not breath smoothly, she googled her eyes in so much surprise also looking at Dennis in the eyes.

'wha...what are you doing?' Amira stammered.

'You are more than a celebrity.' Dennis said and went to his bed and sat on it. Amira continued looking at him in confusion.

'that Michael, what is he to you? 'Dennis asked.

'Michael? oh Michael is a very good friend of mine, He is kind, jovial, soft-hearted, cool and so handsome, he is my darling.' Amira blasted with smiles on her face. Dennis was not comfortable with all those attributes she gave to Michael. He did not bother to observe the look on Amira's face because he called that behavior madness.

'that is so nice and good to hear, he must be so special to you,' Dennis said and Amira nodded boldly.

'but I'm sorry to disappoint you, because I dont want you with him. I dont want to see you with him, I dont want to see you mingle with him or even play with him. 'Dennis said.

'why? That cannot happen at all.' Amira said.

why? because he always interrupts when ever I want to send you a reasonable errand.'

'I dont remember Michael interrupting whenever you want to send me on an errand, by the way, you have not sent me on errands since we came to this camp.' Amira said confused.

'whatever! I just dont want to see you with him and it is a command,' Dennis concluded his words. Amira could not dare him since he had make the request a command.

'but why are you doing this? You are so wicked.' Amira said and angrily walked out of the room with her eyeballs surrounded with tears. She got out of the room and slammed it angrily to the extent she almost hit a student as she was angrily walking to her room.

'Take it easy, Queen of the movie,' the student abused...


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What about the episode 38?

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This is episode 38

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Wow. What an interesting story. I enjoy it

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