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'I already told you, you cant be of help to Amira in any way because you are just like useless to her so stay away from my slave. 'Dennis blasted Michael and walked away using his shoulder to hit Michael. Michael sighed in anger, though Dennis said the truth but it shouldn't be from him, by the way, he said my slave and who is his slave? He asked nobody in particular. Dennis went back to the clinic and saw Julia sitting beside Amira discussing, he dropped the water he brought for Amira and went out.

'Julia u have been acting weird, why?' Amira asked her and Julia smiled and said nothing she quickly covered it up with another talk until Amira forgot about the matter.

one day, the captains announced dat they will be going out to the cinema to have fun, the students cheered in joy and quickly got prepared. In no time, their school bus came and carried dem to the cinema then it drove back to school. The students entered and settled down quietly. Amira sat beside Julia, Dennis quickly walked towards her seat so he could sit next to her but unfortunately, Michael overtook him and sat beside Amira. Amira didn't know wat was going on between Dennis and Michael, she was even happy to have Michael sit beside her, they laughed and watched the movie happily. After the film at the cinema, they had to go back to the house because the bus was already waiting at the other side of the road. Amira left her friends and went outside, when she got to the junction, she waited patiently for the oncoming car to pass, mistakenly some students who were playing and rushing out pushed her that she almost fell in front of the coming car. She closed her in fear believing she won't be saved but fortunately, someone held her hand from behind and dragged her back to himself and hugged her just to protect her from falling bcos of the force. Amira still closed her eyes in fear for awhile before she noticed she was in the arm of someone. She opened her eyes slowly and lifted her head to see the person. The blazing sun shining made the person look so different.'

Amira continued gazing at the person so lost, as the sun ray fades away Amira began to see the person's face clearly but it seems the face was strange because he looked so cute and handsome that she opened her mouth filled with lust, although she knew the person.

'why...De.. Dennis?' Amira stammered still in Dennis's arms.

'close your mouth.' Dennis said to Amira still hugging her. Amira felt embarrassed by his words and quickly pulled herself out of his arms.

'you are so light and lazy, see how you almost fell in front of a car just because of that small push.' Dennis mocked, Amira looked at him disappointed. 'do u how forceful that push was? You don't even have any idea so shut up.' Amira yelled at him and turned her back at him. Dennis just smiled and held her hand as if he wanted to help her to cross. 'wat?' Amira asked in confusion.

'I know you dont have stamina, you might fall in the middle of the road so I need to hold your hand to make sure I help u cross and avoid you from falling.' Dennis said mockingly, Amira couldn't believe her eyes, she pulled her wrist off Dennis's hand and crossed by herself. Dennis laughed silently and followed her. In d bus, all the students were settled and they drove off. Inside the bus as they were going, Amira kept thinking of how Dennis's face looked so handsome but she stopped her imagination as soon as she remembered she was just fulfilling a task. Dennis who sat at d back of the bus listening to song in his earpiece was also deep in thought, he kept gazing at Amira also imagining how beautiful and cute Amira looked wen he dragged her and hugged her.

'she looks really cute den.' he whispered to himself.

'You said wat Dennis?' a girl sitting beside him said thinking he was talking to her. Dennis looked at her, eyed her and ignored her, He turned his face looking outside the window, he then thought he should look at Amira again, the same thing was what Amira was thinking that she should steal a glance on his face to see if he was still handsome...


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Interesting story. More episodes please

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