Christmas in Nutwood - A Poem (Last Episode of RPA)

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At christmas time no trees are there,

The Nutwood folks will have to share.

An old spruce on the village green -

By all of Nutwood it can be seen.

This Christmas tree will be a sight,

The Professor can power all the light.

On Christmas Eve the lights they test,

Great delight - it will be the best!

Not everyone shares in the glee,

Gaffer Jarge is grumbling, you see!

Boxes of matches, my, he's in a mire!

Why so many to light his fire?

"Five boxes," repeats Gaffer Jarge,

"I can't afford that kind of charge."

"Each match, a draught just blows it out."

"We'll come to help you," the pals shout.

The lamp and fire will not light still.

Each time old Gaffer strikes a match,

A wind blows, the flame won't catch.

Rabbid checks the cupboard, a likely source.

But through the air holes he feels no force.

Inside there is a rustling sound.

Opening the door, what has he found?

Rabbid explains it is a troll,

Whose home is in a wooded knoll.

Now snow has come and made him hide,

Matches and flames he can't abide.

The troll is selfish and rather bad,

His attitude makes the fellas so mad.

"Put it out," the fellas hear Orgy say,

The troll leaps up, he gets away.

The troll pleads, "Please don't put me out!"

"I will freeze outside, there is no doubt."

Then Gaffer Jarge says, "Let it be."

"I will let it stay here with me."

"I will keep warm in bed," Gaffer Jarge says,

"And eat cold food, I have my ways."

The troll speaks up, says he was wrong.

He will find a new place before too long.

Rabbid and pals are full of surprise,

"No, he should stay," old Gaffer Jarge sighs.

Electric power is the key -

The Professor they dash off to see.

Rabbid spells out Gaffer Jarge's plight,

What they need for heat and light.

The Professor makes his Christmas appeal;

Will Nutwood's folk the same way feel?

The Professor's words the good folk heed,

Now, what else will old Gaffer need?

A rush of offers they soon hear...

Tree lights go out, there is a cheer.

Poor Gaffer Jarge can not believe there are

So many things piled in the car!

At last he has both light and heat

And happily he warms his feet.

As Gaffer Jarge and his strange guest wave

The goodbyes, the pals recall the joy they gave.

The Christmas tree? Now there is a thing...

Around it all the villagers start to sing!

Rabbid comes to Gaffer Jarge's house bearing a Christmas treat,

For Gaffer Jarge and his guest to eat

The troll wants some before his lunch,

And picks the holly leaf and start to munch!

Great delight - it will be the best!

I have come to the end of my Rabbid Poem Adventure (RPA) and I have gathered a list of characters that played a role or some roles in my Rabbid Poem adventure, and here is a list of characters that were present in my Rabbid Poem Adventure (RPA):

Rabbid Rabbit, The Rabbit twins, The Professor, Bingo, The Giant Frog, Caroline, Steph, The Weather Clerk, The East Wind, The West Wind, The North Wind, The South Wind, Billy Blizzard, King Frost, Mr. Rabbit, Mrs. Rabbit, The Imps, The Imp's King, The Postman, The Fox brothers, Dr. Chimp, Billy Goat, Wise Old Goat, The Warlock, Rabbid's Doctor, Mr. Jack, The Griffin, The two thieves, Rabbid's Pals, Parley Pig, Nutwood's policeman - PC Growler, The Autumn Elves, The Chief of the Autumn Elves, Mrs. Pig, Millie Mouse, Gaffer Jarge, and Orgy Rag.

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Good morning and nice rhymes by the way

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You're welcome

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Thank u for mentioning me in this article or poem of yours, God bless n keep it up, good morning to u :)

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No problem

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Wow you nailed it... how can you make long poems ? 😅 i really like reading the rhymes.. it's so hard for me to make it, but seems so easy for you.

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Its not easy, took me years of work, since I was 9

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Wow, 9yrs old? You're great. 👏👏

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Yeah, thanks

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Your poem is so good! I don't think I can write something like that. But yours is really impressive! Anyway, thank you for mentioning. I have never expected that. And I'm glad I was able to inspire you with my articles (though I must say that my posts aren't that inspiring at all).

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Trust me, your posts challenges how I think!

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Aww, thank you. :)

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