The Mayor of Kingstown

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The Mayor of Kingstown is a new 2021 gritty American crime drama TV series, based around the Town of Kingstown Michigan, where the only thriving business is that of incarceration.

Three brothers from the Mc Clusky Family, a cop, an ex-con and the unofficial Mayor of Kingstown act as mediaries between Warring gangs, law enforcement and the prison service in an attempt to keep the peace hence the name Mayor of Kingstown, which was a title first bestowed on their Father who invented the position.

In doing so the brothers must strike a balance, taking no sides and do deals on behalf of those working and living behind the walls of the growing prison population in the state.

The series paints a pale image of the dark side of the American prison system and sheds some light on the shady dealings that go on behind the scenes, to keep the prison populations leading gang members happy in order to keep peace on the streets.

However when sometimes a little gentle persuasion doesn't work, other more drastic measures are employed, which the Mc Clusky's Mother doesn't like as she see's her sons as nothing more than low paid Mr Fix it men or Part time gangsters.

In the opening episodes we get to grips with each element at play in the town and a glimpse into how dangerous the work is as the eldest brother, the one currently holding the unofficial Mayor of Kingstown title is murdered in his office by an opportunist gang member just recently released from prison, after discovering he had collected a substantial amount of money as part of a deal on behalf of an imprisoned gang leader.

Mike the next eldest brother an the ex-con Played by Jeremy Renner is kind of coerced to take the reins to keep the peace and sets about cementing his position as a no nonsense type character.

What ensues is a struggle between all sides involved to control the situation as tensions deepen, riots kick off and gang leaders display the definition of stupidity by doing the same things over and over while expecting different results.

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A crime drama about an important contemporary issue, America's prison system, "Mayor of Kingstown" follows the McLusky family in Kingstown, Mich., where the business of incarceration is the only thriving industry.

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The series is very well done, with a well placed balance between diplomacy and necessary violence, has a strong cast with good dialogue and narration, I found the plots and twists quite enjoyable and they were done in a way that was believable for the storyline.

I would recommend The Mayor of Kingstown for those that enjoy a little crime drama realism, because I believe this is done in a very realistic way that opens your eyes to how the movers and shakers in these industries do what needs to be done to try and keep the peace and all involved safe.


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Looks like an interesting series. I'll take a look.

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It is quite good to be honest

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