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2021: count your blessings

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1 year ago

Good morning, it's the end of the year but I know that you'd like to argue that this year is still about 12 hours to go and anything can happen within this time frame but it's my prayer that for everyone on and all my friends and everyone I know directly or indirectly would see this next year and cross over safely. I'm not going to write any other thing apart from thanking God for his greatness over my Life. I'm going to start by listing the blessings God has given me this year.

1. The gift of life

many people over look this and don't even remember that it's a privilege for us to sleep and wake up the next morning because a lot of people sleep and do not wake up anymore, I personally want to thank God for taking me through this year without a single accident, the devil tried very hard to take my life but he still saved me by his mercy. I remember when I was really sick and I was really doubting my purpose in life, this God still came to my rescue.

2. The provision of God

well, I got admitted to school since 2019, but yet didn't resume school until 2020 due to the covid-19 virus and also the very long strike that ASUU gave to us as new year gift, I was at home for almost a year doing nothing, I must tell you that it wasn't easy and this God still made it possible to resume school this year, the year was tight for everyone financially and even parents could feel it as my University kept asking for one money or the other before resumption and in all, God came through to provide for them to pay up all those fees.

3. Success

This is another reason to be happy this year, I've never been this serious towards my academics like I was this year and that's because I was really challenged by getting into the university system, it wasn't easy for me to blend into the system and I guess that was so because of the online classes that they were trying to test on us because it was just like they were using us to test the technology in Nigeria, we were like lab rats to their experiment and they treated us like as if we were having physical classes and after all, God was still faithful not to let me down.

4. Opportunity to meet certain people

It has really being a long time that I've met people that would influence my life positively and I must say that most of the people I met this year were all good people and I'm glad and would be forever grateful for meeting y'all, the friends I've made on readcash alone are enough to make an extended family and I'm grateful for that.

5. I joined

This might not seem like a testimony to you but trust me, I never expected to find a platform to support me financially when I entered school, the whole headache I had was how I'd be asking my parents for money and all this year and God knows that I don't like disturbing. I was lucky to know about read cash and I'm grateful for the opportunity I was given to know this platform even though it wasn't smooth all through but at least, I'm grateful for the future too.

Now, I want y'all to also try to reflect on what God has done for you this year and drop it in the comment section, let's praise God for your life too and I wish everyone of you a happy new year ahead 💥😁😁😁

Thanks for reading 💞

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Written by   58
1 year ago
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Count your blessings, this is one of the title of the song in hymnals. that we used to sing in our church. The song was apt to tell us that there are really lots of blessings that God gave us which was taken for granted and are not recognized . Not unless there would come a time that God allows us to experience a time of need that we actually remember those times that we are privileged of having such blessings. Praise God that you recognized , appreciated and thanked God for such blessings you have enjoyed last year 2021. I believe God has more in store for you this New Year 2022. And as you step by faith, believing and trusting Him for everything, God is able to show more of His power and greatness and you will discover it one day at a time.

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1 year ago