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Best way to make passive income

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3 weeks ago

Best way to make passive income

In this blog I'm going to teach how to start out making passive income and try to break it down to you how easy it really is. So to get started we need to talk about how you want to earn passive income. Obviously we wanna do all the things I discuss in my blog but if your just starting out its really not possible to do all these things all at once especially if your time and cash strapped. So we need to figure out what's the easiest way for you to start.  To do that you need to figure out what gets your most interest.  

Making passive income from online task

This is one of the easiest passive incomes to make online. It's so easy that you need no skills or traits. All you need is a internet connection and a computer or phone. The task you can do online are often easy and simple and aren't complicated. It can range from having you find certain things on a website to having you take pictures of products. Then there's surveys you can take some can be short while others can be longer sometimes. Most pay well for how long the surveys take to complete depending on the site you use. Some survey sites can be complete trash while other can be gems. The surveys can be fun to if you get a good one or use a good website. These are easy passive incomes you can be making right now from your computer or phone.      

Making passive income from your phone

This is absolutely the best passive income stream to have. The reason for this is because you have to put little to no effort with this passive income stream. All you have to do is download some apps and have a internet connection. Depending on the app you can just have it run in the background and it will earn for you. Some of the apps you have to login into for the day and click a few buttons to earn. Other apps can have you just take surveys or do some quick task as well. So when it comes to your phone you have multiple choices for the apps you can use. The only limit is the storage space you have on your phone.   


Making passive income from investing

First off you should know what you want to invest into before you start investing your money. That's because as of right now as there are 3 really profitable markets to get into at the moment. Those 3 markets are cryptocurrency, stocks, and real estate. The most volatile right now is crypto but its the easiest one to get into if you have little money and want short term profits. Its a great investment for the future as well cryptocurrencies are taking over every aspect of our lives and soon enough it will be the norm. I explain it all in my blog post about why I'm all in on cryptos and why it's taking over. Not financial advice but this is the best time to get in with the recent dip as of (9/23/2021) offering nice discounted prices for a lot of coins. Crypto is simply one of the fastest passive incomes to generate if you buy the right coins and tokens.

Moving forward lets now go onto the stock market. A market everyone is more familiar with especially amongst the older generation of people. Now the stock market can still be volatile just look at the recent dip happening because of the Chinese housing crisis. It is however more stable then crypto in the short term but bitcoin by it self out does most stocks yearly. But nevertheless its more of a guaranteed investment if you pick the right stocks.  

Then there's the real estate market which right now is not doing so well. The reason for that varies depending on country but for the U.S right now it's high housing prices and for china it's the collapse of the market due to one of the largest real estate companies defaulting on it's debits. So right now it might not be the best time to get into the market. But when it does recover and goes back to a normal state it will be super profitable again. The only bad thing about real estate is that you need to have lots of money to make profit. This option for now is usually left only to the rich.      

Making passive income from freelancing

Now lets move onto something everyone can still do for free and is how I acquire my main income as a blogger. It's a little more time consuming but can also be really fun if your into it. What freelancing is basically is you work for yourself usually selling a skill or trait of yours. you can do any sort of freelancing from doing peoples school work, offering pre made presentations and projects, and tutoring. Or you can do more advanced freelancing which involves you doing more advance complicated things. Such as doing task such as using software, video editing, Or just do something that takes more time like making art for somebody. There are many platforms online you can use to build a customer base from the internet. But you can also do more local work as well but that takes more marketing and networking in order for that to be successful.   

Another type of freelancing you can do is in person work. Doing work and task such as carpeting, painting, or landscaping. But these require advance skills and most of the time you need a team of workers to help. But none the less it's still freelancing and is very good paying freelancing work. Another big important factor of freelancing is marketing and networking. In order to get customers you need to spread awareness about your brand, product, and services. It can be as simple as just telling your friends and family members about your freelancing services. It's also as easy as just starting a social media account like Facebook or Instagram and just posting and interacting with the account. From there it's all about just figuring out how to improve your marketing and getting to know people and make connections.        

Making passive income from having a Online business

Now starting a online business or shop isn't for everyone and the reason for that is that some of you will have to use and spend money to start up. but you can also start up a simple one for free as well like I did with blogging. As I haven't spent a single penny yet on this blog of mine. I did it all for free and it really wasn't hard. You just have to enjoy the business you are making and creating. Don't do it for the money you also want to have another reason to be pushing you to build this business. Starting a online business is really not that hard at all. You have many options to choose from when starting a online business.   

From things such as a online shop something to the likes of amazon or even just building a brand and becoming a social media guru and influencer. However if you don't know how to professionally build a online shop or don't have the time to build or learn how to build one then you could always spend money on a premade website or hire someone to build your website.  You could also start up without using money very simply by using a free website maker. This is however not Ideal for a online shop and is better suited for blog sites. It's really not that hard to start making passive income if your passionate about it or something you related to it that helps you achieve it. 

My Final Words 

If you enjoyed the blog leave a like and share it with somebody. Leave me some feedback with your comments to let me know how I did. Let me know what you liked and what you didn't so I can improve the blog. All your likes and comments are deeply appreciated. Follow the blog to stay up to date along with my socials where I post daily content as well. Then there's also my website where you can put in a submission form to let me know what topics you want me to cover along with other things such as referral codes and affiliate links. Thanks for reading hope you enjoyed.  

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Written by   22
3 weeks ago
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