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The Stars Above

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1 month ago

I can see the stars above,

They're sparkling like jewels at night,

Making the darkness beautiful and comforting,

Soothing my mind and heart.

The stars twinkling like your eyes,

I remember it when I look at your eyes,

Your eyes was beautiful like this stars above.

I wish I could make a wish,

In this stars above,

Do you think they can make my wish come true?

To make you appear even just in my dreams?

I remember we used to look at the stars above,

Waiting for a shooting star to pass,

Wishing that every moment with you will last.

I am sitting on our favorite spot,

Where you used to be by my side,

Holding tightly your warm hands,

While looking at the stars above.

Plenty of stars appear tonight,

Like last time we saw the sky at night,

But this time it's different,

'Cause you're no longer around.

Thanks for reading!


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Written by   179
1 month ago
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