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The Different Taste of Tears Based on Our Emotions

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1 month ago

Have you taste your tears? How was it? What does it taste?

What is tears?

Tears are a clear liquid secreted by the lacrimal gland found in the eyes. Its functioned include lubricating the eyes, removing irritants and aid the immune system. It also occurs as part of the human natural pain response.

Tears occurs when we felt strong emotions. When we are angry, sad, and happy our eyes response to that emotions and secrete tears.

What are the taste of tears based on our emotions.

Tears are slightly different in taste based on our emotions.

  • Salty. When you feel angry, the amount of moisture in tears dimishes amd the sodium content increases creating an intensively salty taste. When a person gets angry, the sympathetic nerve becomes upset amd the upset nerve makes the sodium rate to become denser.

  • Sour. When you are sad, tears taste a little sour because the acidity becomes higher.

  • Sweet. When you are happy and touched, tears becomes sweeter than the other tears.

In conclusion, tears becomes different based on the sodium density. If you are angry the sodium density is high, when you are sad the sodium density is average and when you are happy the sodium densty is low that causes the taste of tears differ.

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Written by   179
1 month ago
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