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The Desperate Plea

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1 month ago

"Please, someone save me... "

Scream of a woman crying.

Running barefoot in the street,

While looking in the direction she came in.

A woman who's shouting for help,

But no one is helping,

Standing in the middle of the street,

Very visible but no one ia staring.

She walked slowly,

Grabbing someone's arm,

Pleading for help,

But only thrown away in the ground.

Bruises all over her face,

With bloods flowing in it,

Her tears is like a river flowing,

Wiping has no ending.

And once again she utter,

"Please help me!"

Using all her might to beg,

But the people don't mind her at all.

The woman sit on the ground,

Crying her desperation out,

Thinking what did she do wrong,

To deserve this treatment her experiencing now.

Thinking of her past,

She only did was to love,

Love a person who she dedicated her life,

Giving everything that she have.

Now she started to ask,

Is loving someone this painful,

That the return she had was all pain and disaster?

Or she loved the wrong person?

She never thought that things will end up this way,

That she will cry and end up begging,

To someone whom she dearly loved,

To set her free and spare her life.

The thought of a fantasy lovestory,

Together with his prince charming in his white horse,

Will remained a fantasy,

And that fantasy will far from the reality.

Thanks for reading!



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Written by   179
1 month ago
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Depression is a real thing

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User's avatar Win
3 weeks ago

Nice one

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1 month ago

Than you so much!

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1 month ago