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How are You?

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1 month ago

How are you, friend?

It's been a long time since we saw each other,

I was wondering if I can still call you friend,

'Cause we knew some things change.

We used to be together all the time,

Making lots of memories to laughed at,

Even in times that we both in pain and trouble,

We're always there for each other.

I know you're busy and so as I,

We are busy achieving our goals,

That sometimes we forgot each other,

Is it because the distance or is it maybe because we're growing apart from each other?

I know that distant doesn't matter now,

We're living in a generation were technology makes life easy,

Just one type and click to send botton,

We can communicate and say "Hi" to each other.

But why does it feel that even communicating seems hard,

When those times we are together we always talked,

We talked even in class, and we talked even in library were silence is a must,

We literary talked everywhere we want.

Now it's seems that even a single "Hi" is hard to utter,

It's awkward to start a single conversation,

I am starting to doubt and ask myself if were really friends,

'Cause if we do, why things turn out this way?


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Written by   179
1 month ago
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