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Headache, Fever, Cold: My Own Remedy When I am Feeling It

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1 month ago

Not all the time, we are feeling good and better. There are sometimes that we sometimes feeling sick that causes us to nothing for a certain period of time.

People with fever, headache, cold and et cetera tend to cure themselves from buying medicines in pharmacies. Taking remedies to ease their sickness.

Some people also take some traditional medicine to cure their illnesses. Drinking herbal medicine and stuff to feel better which most people in the provinces do.

I grew up in province. Before you can count hospitals in your hands and also far. It sometimes takes an hour to went their. Their are some nearest private hospitals but most people can't afford to pay the bill, you know, PRIVATE.

In province, people rarely go to hospitals and as far as I remember, I never went to hospitals. Don't get me wrong, I don't either wish to go their as much as possible.

When I was a young, I remembered when I am not feeling better or sick my mother always sent me first to "ambularyo" (faith healer) or "manghihilot" (folk massage therapist). They always think that I got hurt while playing or sometimes hurt creatures that we didn't see. Thank God, after sending me to those I got feeling better until it went down or gone.

They always sent me there everytime I am not well even until college (I rarely got sick during college) and up to now. The most common feeling I felt was having an headache, but fever, I rarely got it over a year or sometimes two.

Headache was the most terrible feeling I always felt, and I hate it so much. Sometimes I've got headache due to too much exposure to sunlight and sometimes, due to skipping meal. Drinking medicine is not my thing. I don't drink any of those even if I don't feel better. I've tried many times but I can't swallow it. I am not afraid of medicine, though, but everytime I tried to take it, it seems that my mouth was closed. I remembered one time, I got fever and I can't skip class, I need to take medicine and I can't swallow it. My sister bought a cola so that I could drink the medicine easily without tasting it, but it's no good. I also tried putting it inside a banana, but then again, fail.

How I cure Headache, fever and et cetera?

Since I don't live now with my parents and in the province, taking good care of myself was been my obligation for almost 4 years already. Honestly, I don't know how to proper take good care of myself especially my health.

"Health is Wealth" is a famous qoute the everyone know most especially the health enthusiast. Taking good care of your health and being physically fit. How?

Eating nutritious foods. Foods that good for our body. Fruits and vegetables are the answers for that.

Exercise. Eating nutritious food is not enough to be physically fit and healthy you must do some exercise and stretched your muscles to be fit.

Let's go back to how I cure myself when I have headache or fever.

Honestly, I don't eat a lot of vegetables. I can count it in my hands the ONLY vegetables I eat. I don't exercise as well, no time for it. So everytime I got fever or headache what I do is sleep. Either headache or fever, if I sleep, it's gone after the day break. No medicine needed. When I have headache I massage my head with "katinko" or "vicks" and sleep then it's gone after. When I have cold I drink a lot of water.

People have their own way to cure themselves. Visiting a doctor and drinking medicine or traditional medicine, it's not important where to go or drink, what's important is you know what to do when you're not feeling better.

Thanks for reading!

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Written by   179
1 month ago
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